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A render of an AMD RX 6900 graphics card.

Gamers on a budget will welcome AMD’s rumored new releases

In the midst of the ongoing GPU shortage, rumors point to AMD soon releasing new budget gaming graphics cards: The Radeon RX 6500XT and Radeon RX 6400.
The Future Of Original Series Featured Image

What is the metaverse? A deep dive into the ‘future of the internet’

What exactly is the metaverse, where did it start, and where is it going? In this article, we'll dive deep into the concept and the future of the metaverse.
Intel unveils the 12th Gen Intel Core processor

This fix by Gigabyte is the solution to gaming issues on Intel Alder Lake

Owners of the new Intel Alder Lake processors have had trouble running certain games due to the CPUs architecture. Gigabyte has just released a fix.
14th-generation Intel processor.

This future Intel chip looks just like the Apple M1 Max

Although Intel Alder Lake has just hit the market, Intel is already working on its 13th and 14th generations of CPUs. New images show Meteor Lake processors.
Intel unveils the 12th Gen Intel Core processor

Intel Alder Lake-P may be almost 50% faster than the Apple M1 Max

Intel Alder Lake-P is an upcoming line of laptop processors. Early benchmarks have started to emerge, showing the CPU outperforming not just AMD but also Apple.
Intel Announces The Xeon 5100 Microprocessor For Servers

Intel recommends updating to protect processors against critical vulnerability

Intel revealed that certain processors are potentially affected by a dangerous vulnerability that allows attackers complete access to the chip.
Nvidia GeForce RTX Gaming Setup with Monitor and PC build.

Nvidia is intentionally capping frame rates on GeForce Now. What’s going on?

Nvidia GeForce Now members found that their games were not being streamed at the promised frame rate. Nvidia admits to intentionally capping fps in some games.
Graphics Card in a computer.

Should you buy a graphics card or PC parts on Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday sales are legendary, but is it also a good time to buy a graphics card or PC components? Check out our guide to getting the best deals on hardware.
Nvidia GeForce RTX Gaming Setup with Monitor and PC build.

Should you buy a prebuilt gaming PC on Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday is a good time to shop for electronics, but is it the best time to buy a gaming PC? Check out our guide to find the best deals on gaming computers.
Render of Intel Alder Lake chip.

Intel’s Alder Lake laptops CPUs could outperform AMD’s top processor by 35%

Ever since its release, Intel Alder Lake has been dominating various benchmarks, including those for laptops. This time, Intel Core i7-12700H has been tested.
MSI Godlike motherboard.

MSI’s Z690 massive gaming motherboard comes with an LCD touch panel

MSI is allegedly working on a high-end gaming motherboard suitable for Intel Alder Lake processors. It will be powerful, with a lot of room for expansion.
Nvidia RTX Studio desktop render.

Future graphics cards may be twice as fast, but speed comes at a price

Nvidia is already working on the next generation of graphics cards. The new GPUs are rumored to deliver twice the speed at twice the required power.
Intel Alder Lake pin layout.

HP may soon launch a laptop with the unreleased RTX 3080 Ti and Intel Alder Lake

A new Geekbench test leaked, showing an upcoming HP Omen laptop with two unreleased components: Mobility versions of the RTX 3080 Ti and Intel Alder Lake.
AMD Computex 2021 Lisa Su

AMD’s CPU market share hits 15-year high, cuts into Intel’s lead

AMD continues making big gains on Intel. The latest reports show that AMD now controls the largest share of the market it has had in the last 15 years.
Apple M2 Max & M3 Max concept image.

M2 Max and M3 Max leak reveals how Apple may scale performance with future chips

Apple's M1 Max and M1 Pro chips are performing excellently, but the company isn't done. Apple may produce even better chips with 40 cores in future generations.
MSI MEG Artymis 341

MSI unleashes a pair of gaming monitors, including a monster 55-inch OLED

MSI announced the upcoming launch of two gaming monitors. One is a curved mini LED display with fantastic colors, and the other is a 55-inch beast for consoles.
Windows 11 is displayed on a laptop screen. The laptop is on a desk flanked by a task lamp and vase with flowers.

Flouting Microsoft’s rules, man gets Windows 11 to work on a 15-year-old PC

Microsoft initially stated that Windows 11 will have hefty hardware requirements, but a Twitter user proved that Windows 11 can run on a 15-year old PC.
The rumored Lenovo ThinkBook Plus with a secondary screen.

Lenovo working on most bizarre dual-screen laptop concept you’ve ever seen

A new leak suggests that Lenovo might have a brand-new kind of laptop in the works. The rumored ThinkBook Plus has a secondary touchscreen next to the keyboard.
The mini-ITX computer-1 chassis alongside a large monitor and a desk lamp.

You’ve never seen a PC case like this mini-ITX chassis from Swedish designer

Teenage Engineering, a Swedish design studio, just released a DIY mini-ITX PC case -- computer-1. This one-of-a-kind case sold out within minutes.
Three Omen 27C monitors side by side.

HP just launched a killer curved 1440p 240Hz gaming monitor

HP has just announced the release of a new gaming monitor, the Omen 27c. The 1000R curved display has a refresh rate of 240Hz and comes optimized for gaming.
The new Dell XPS desktop accompanied by a camera and a wide monitor.

Dell’s new XPS desktop comes with Intel Alder Lake, DDR5, and improved airflow

Dell is making the leap to the next generation of desktops with the new Dell XPS. It comes with the latest components, including 12th-Gen Intel processors.
An engineer smiles as she holds up two processor chips.

Intel Alder Lake processors might outperform previous gen by over 50%

The mid-range Intel Alder Lake processor, Intel Core i5-12600K, has been benchmarked ahead of release. It outperformed the previous gen of CPUs by miles.
Pimax's new 12k QLED VR headset.

Pimax’s 12K QLED VR headset wants to take virtual reality to the next level

Pimax is taking VR to the next level with the upcoming 12K QLED VR headset that will feature full-body tracking, eye tracking, high refresh rates, and more.
Render of Intel Alder Lake chip.

Intel Alder Lake could be over 60% faster than AMD, and could topple Apple too

Intel Alder Lake processors are right around the corner. The upcoming high-end laptop CPU, Intel Core i9-12900HK, was benchmarked against Apple's M1 Max chip.
Photographer using the new Macbook Pro.

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro maximizes performance under heavy workloads

Apple confirmed that the 16-inch MacBook Pro with the new M1 Max chip will be able to run High Power Mode. This optimizes performance during intense workloads.
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger delivers the Day 1 closing keynote at IAA Mobility

Intel now says the chip shortage may not ease up until at least 2023

The ongoing chip shortage has left the PC and laptop market quite bare. Unfortunately, according to Intel, the situation may not improve until 2023.

You can now buy a prebuilt Razer gaming desktop, courtesy of Maingear

Razer and Mainstream just released four new gaming computers. Decked out in some of the latest Nvidia and AMD components, these PCs are true gaming beasts.
Screenshot of Halo Infinite alongside AMD products.

AMD is releasing the coolest Halo Infinite-themed GPU ever

Halo Infinite is coming to both PC and consoles, so AMD teamed up with 343 Industries to celebrate with a new graphics card and free access to the game.
A close-up image of Nvidia's RTX 3080 Ti graphics card.

How to undervolt a GPU: The ultimate guide to undervolting

Undervolting a GPU is a process that may lower the temperatures of your graphics card while maintaining performance. Check our guide to learn how to do it.
A photo of the TikTok app running on a Windows 11 laptop

We just got a preview of what Android apps on Windows 11 will look like

Amongst other features, Windows 11 was rumored to support Android apps, but it was launched without it. Leaked screenshots show what this feature may look like.

Why Apple finally killed the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro

With the release of the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple decided to get rid of the highly controversial Touch Bar. Here's why.
acer swift 3 13 2019 review acerswift3132019

Hackers just stole personal data from millions of Acer customers

Acer has suffered from a second disastrous data breach in 2021. A group of hackers breached Acer's servers and stole over 60 gigabytes of user data.
An engineer smiles as she holds up two processor chips.

Intel Alder Lake destroys AMD in new gaming performance leaks

Intel Core i9-12900K is likely to be the star of the new Alder Lake lineup. The processor has just been benchmarked, and it might just be a true gaming beast.
Acer XV272U KF monitor.

Acer’s Nitro XV2 is the fastest 1440p gaming display we’ve ever seen

Acer adds to its successful Nitro line of monitors with the new Nitro XV2. The display offers a 300Hz refresh rate combined with a 1440p resolution.