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Sascha Brodsky

Sascha Brodsky

Mobile Writer

Sascha Brodsky is a writer who focuses on consumer technologies and privacy issues for a broad range of outlets. He’s been writing online for the past ten years; before that, Sascha was a newspaper and magazine reporter and editor.
Sascha's relevant experience includes:

Feature stories for the Atlantic
Former Director of Communications for the Simons Foundation
Wrote for Reuters, the Irish Times and other media
Communications consultant for a range of institutions including New York University and the Michael J. Fox Foundation

GPS map data from an Apple Watch Ultra and the Apple Watch Series 8 shown on an iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone SE 2022.

Why GPS is critical to your smartphone — and desperately needs an overhaul

You probably use GPS on your phone every single day. The tech is important, highly flexible, and very prone to cybersecurity attacks.
Nreal Air glasses laying on a table.

I used the Nreal Air AR glasses to totally transform my iPhone

The new Nreal Air glasses have transformed my iPhone into a productivity and entertainment monster by adding a giant display that fits on my face.
The Metavertu smartphone.

I can’t get over how insane this $40,000 Web3 smartphone is

After a hiatus, Vertu is back in the smartphone business — this time delivering a phone for $40,000 and with a weird Web3 tie-in.
The Surface Duo 2 in the tent mode.

Why I’m using the Microsoft Surface Duo in 2022, and why you should too

The Microsoft Surface Duo remains a terrible phone, but in 2022, it's a surprisingly great companion device.
5G logo on the Motorola Edge (2022).

Forget Verizon and AT&T — why you should build your own cell network

The company Ukamak is launching a crowdfunding campaign that’s intended to let you be your own cell carrier. And you may actually want to use it.
A person using the Apple Watch Ultra while scuba diving underwater.

Experts tell us why the Apple Watch Ultra doesn’t cut it for them

While Apple claims its new Watch Ultra is aimed at adventurers, some professionals say there are better alternatives.
Someone holding up an iPhone 14 to their ear.

Experts say the iPhone 14’s satellite feature may have a dangerous side effect

The iPhone 14 allows you to send short messages from remote locations, but experts say the feature could also give adventurers a false sense of security.

This e-bike does phone tech better than some phones

The carbon fiber Urtopia E-Bike comes with tech usually found on a phone, including a built-in 4G connection, voice control, and a fingerprint sensor.
The Withings ScanWatch Horizon sits on a wooden surface.

Withings ScanWatch Horizon stuns with elegant simplicity

The $499 Horizon smartwatch is an analog beauty pared down to the essentials.
A woman lays in bed using her cellphone.

Sleep apps are booming but experts warn they are not perfect

Sleep apps are booming but some medical professionals expressed doubts about whether they help.
ticwatch pro ultra hands on review 3

TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra hands-on review: Amazing battery life

If you’re seeking a sporty-looking Wear OS with long battery life, the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra should be at the top of your list.
Person holding an iPhone as it plays a TikTok of the a bombing in Ukraine.

How mobile users in authoritarian countries evade government controls

There's a growing struggle between many governments and their citizens to control information flowing through the internet.
Man looking at notifications on his iPhone 12.

Greener techniques could help find rare minerals for phones

Researchers say they have removed valuable rare earth elements from waste at high yields in a method that could also help save the environment.
iPhone 13 Pro home screen.

Apps are turning people into snitches, experts say

A new smartphone app will allow members of the public to submit evidence of speeding drivers to police forces.
Steth IO heart rate monitoring.

AI could turn your phone into a mobile health lab

Google Health has introduced research projects that promise to turn smartphones into disease-screening tools.
lg fortune 2 using phone

Phones don’t cause brain tumors, experts say

The use of mobile phones does not increase brain tumor incidence, according to a new study.
A topographical map is displayed on an iPhone app.

How your phone could save your life

Experts say that you can do a range of things to increase your odds of survival by using your mobile phone most effectively.
A woman looks at her cellphone near soldiers standing guard outside a government building hit by Russian rockets on March 29, 2022, in Mykolaiv, amid Russian invasion of Ukraine.

How mobile phones are changing war in Ukraine

Russian forces are reportedly targeting their Ukrainian adversaries using sophisticated electronic warfare systems.
omnivision latest sensor enhances sensitivity low light smartphone camera

New 3D smartphone technology could change photography, experts say

Researchers at Stanford University have created a novel approach that allows standard image sensors to see light in three dimensions.
Woman working on laptop late at home.

As our screen time goes up, experts weigh in on coping with eye strain

Eyestrain is a growing problem for us all, as we are spending longer looking at our phones and tablets than ever. Here's what we can do about it.
Children using smart devices on sofa at home;

Why kids are getting addicted to digital media

A new study found that children’s media use has grown more in the last two years than in the four years prior.
Man holding the iPhone 13 Pro showing its rear panel.

Phones could one day identify you by your grip

Researchers at Louisiana State University have found a way to use A.I. to help phones analyze how users are holding them.
Hand holding the DISH Celero 5G smartphone, showing a closeup of the camera module

New A.I. system could upgrade smartphone cameras

A startup is using new technology to pack the power of a DSLR into phones.
Photo of Russian military weapons destroyed by the armed forces of Ukraine.

Mobile phones bring direct aid to Ukraine

Tech solutions like cryptocurrencies, Airbnb, and other methods are being used to send money directly to those affected by the war in Ukraine.
5G radio tower.

The 3G shutdown could affect the most vulnerable of us

Carriers shutting down 3G networks could impact America's older generation the most.
tech companies respond to ukraine invasion russian military weapons destroyed and seized by the armed forces of

Shunning Russia: How Big Tech might be doing more harm than good

Tech companies are pulling out of Russia, but are they helping or just posturing?
ukraine wages war by phone 6

Ukraine wages war by phone

Ukraine is using smartphones to gather intelligence and spread information in its conflict with Russia.

How 5G could make cars better connected

Adding 5G to your vehicle will improve entertainment, firmware updates, and even repairs to the car.
what google maps can tell us about the russian invasion russia starts large scale attack on ukraine

What Google Maps can tell us about the Russian invasion

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could very well be the first major military conflict that can be tracked live on Google Maps.