Tyler Hayes

Tyler Hayes

Tyler Hayes is a Southern California native. Besides being an early adopter in the tech space, constantly wanting to try all the new gadgets, he's also a music enthusiast.

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Ausdom M06 review

The Ausdom M06 are far from perfect, but they also far exceeded our expectations of a $50 headphones. For the money, we doubt you can do much better in a Bluetooth headphone.

Digit lets you put saving on autopilot, return to a pile of cash

: What if you started saving a few pennies a day that you would never miss, and they added up to something substantial? It’s not the plot of Office Space, it’s the concept behind Digit.
Product Review

Muzik Headphones review

Muzik aims to make sharing music simpler with integrated social features, but a buggy app usurps their utility.
Health & Fitness

You might already be healthy, but you can still benefit from a fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are marketed toward those looking to lose weight or stay in shape, but what if you’re already getting by just fine without one? As it turns out, a little feedback can do wonders.

Paying with Coin is all fun and games until someone thinks you’re a criminal

Coin, a credit card that acts like eight different credit cards, almost seems too good to be true. Problem is, most cashiers are just as skeptical, and it’s far from a sure shot.

What’s inside a fitness tracker, anyway?

From accelerometers to UV light sensors and GPS systems, today’s fitness bracelets are like miniature laboratories on your wrist. Here’s how they gather data about your body – and translate it into real-world advice.