Everything you need to know about the HTC Vive

Gushing about the HTC Vive is not a new thing for the crew here at Digital Trends. We’ve been enamored with the virtual reality system since we first tried it at Mobile World Congress 2015. One year, and many beta versions later, the Vive is now available for anyone to buy.

Where do I buy it, and how much does it cost?

The Vive can be purchased on HTCVive.com, or through the Steam web store. It will set you back $800 (689 UK, 1149 CAD), plus $30 shipping in the United States. That’s a couple hundred more than the $600 Oculus Rift.

However, the Vive comes with motion controllers and all the hardware needed to use them, while the Rift comes with an Xbox One controller. The Rift’s motion controllers will be sold later, at additional cost.

The Vive is the most advanced VR headset you can buy, and it doesn’t come cheap. But if you’re going to shell out $600 for a Rift, we recommend you spend a bit more for the Vive. More on that below.

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