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AmpStrip: The fitness tracker you stick on your torso

ampstrip the fitness tracker you stick on your torso 2
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Forget strapping a fitness tracker onto your wrist – health tech firm FitLinxx is on the verge of launching a neat little wearable that you simply stick on your body, just like a Band-Aid.

Although it’s geared primarily toward the accurate tracking of your heart rate – including recovery and resting rates – the tiny tracker also gathers a stack of other data, including steps taken, calories burned, and skin temperature.ampstrip 1

Designed to be worn around the clock, the waterproof AmpStrip tracker can go for up to a week on a single charge, with gathered data transmitted via Bluetooth 4.0 to its dedicated iOS/Android AmpInsights app.

To get it to work, users stick the AmpStrip on the left side of their torso, a location that enables its super-sensitive single lead ECG sensor to capture a clear heart rate signal.

If the AmpStrip works as advertised, the device clearly has a great chance of becoming a real hit with not only serious athletes but also more general sports enthusiasts interested in keeping an eye on their fitness stats.

FitLinxx, a Connecticut-based company founded more than 20 years ago, spends much of its time collaborating with other firms in the field of health-related tech. In fact, its AmpStrip device represents its very first attempt at selling a product directly to consumers.

Any possible issues? FitLinxx says that after several days, data will stop flowing from the AmpStrip to the accompanying app as the device’s adhesive slowly peels away from the body. Although the app will inform the user when this happens, some might find the frequent adhesive-changing a little irritating, as well as costly – you’ll have to spend out $30 on a fresh supply every three to six months, depending on how long each one lasts.

Set for a beta launch in March followed by a wider rollout in July, the AmpStrip is close to hitting its $50,000 funding goal less than a week into its Indiegogo campaign. The device is expected to retail for $150, though back the project before February 8 and you can score yourself a discount of up to 33 percent.

[Via The Verge]

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