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This gorgeous activity tracker will help train your body to better deal with stress

Many fitness trackers record lots of data, but either do nothing with it, or hint at the changes we can make without offering concrete advice. That’s not the case with the Sona Connected Bracelet, a new wearable that not only measures activity in a more rounded way, but also promises to train our body and brain to better deal with stress, and help focus the mind. It does so using various built-in sensors, plus an in-app meditation program called Resonance.

If it’s sounding a bit too hippyish, then don’t worry, the Resonance program has a scientific background, and the wearable is packed with tech. There are five guided sessions to try out, which it says have been developed to “work with the body’s natural heart patterns to build and train resilience to mental and physical stress.” To do this, the Sona Connected Bracelet has a very capable heart rate sensor.

In addition to the usual metrics, the Sona’s heart rate sensor also examines heart rate variability — a metric that requires it to be incredibly accurate — to establish cardiovascular and nervous system health. This data forms the basis of the guided Resonance meditation sessions, which consist of breathing routines and an audio guide, that it says can have a positive affect on anxiety, stress, and focus through extended use.

Active Time, not just a step count

The Sona’s heart rate sensor also provides data on how your body responds to exercise and activity, and records resting heart rate for a more complete picture of your health than a simple pulse reading. Outside of the heart rate monitor, the Sona bracelet approaches fitness tracking in a different way to other fitness wearables, providing an Active Time reading over a more basic step count. In all, the Sona wants to push you into making your life better, and not just lose weight or move more.

The bracelet has a design that’s less about pushing your limits at the gym, and more about fitting into your lifestyle. The bands are made from black or white leather, and the body from metal with a rose gold, gold, or gunmetal finish. On the front is a mirrored, screen-less panel.

Inside is a small 80mAh battery that only lasts for about four days, which is a little disappointing, but then the Sona has an always-active heart rate sensor, so it’s to be expected. It syncs with your phone using Bluetooth, and while the app is currently only for iOS with Apple HealthKit integration, an Android version with Google Fit is expected soon.

The idea of a lifestyle and wellness-focused wearable, rather than one that’s all about fitness and weight loss, is intriguing; and you can order the Sona Connected Bracelet now on the company’s website for $180.

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