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New limited-edition watch may be the most outrageous-looking G-Shock yet


For its newest limited edition G-Shock MT-G connected watch, Casio has gone all out to make it as visually exciting as possible. The MTG-B1000VL has a color scheme inspired by volcanic lightning and bubbling magma, and when you get your first look at this unbelievable timepiece, you’ll feel like you’ve been struck from the heavens too.

The outrageous look is not going to be for everyone, but there’s no denying it makes a statement. The multicolored bezel, which fades between red, purple, blue, and fiery orange is unique to each watch, as the ion plating never gives the same effect twice, and it’s paired with a red urethane strap. The familiar MT-G face has red, white, and blue hands, gold markers, and three subdials showing the 24-hour marker, the world time, and a mode selector that also incorporates a battery meter.

Casio introduced Bluetooth on its MT-G collection last year, and the new B1000VL also connects to your smartphone. It’s not a smartwatch, but rather a connected watch, with the G-Shock Connected app serving as a convenient way to set the world time, activate timers, start the stopwatch, and interact with other features like the phone finder and multiple alarms. The G-Shock app stores multiple watches, meaning you can add new watches to your collection of connected G-Shocks without deleting previous models.

The MT-G series is made using the G-Shock Carbon Core Guard monocoque, giving it supreme strength. It’ll resist shocks, centrifugal gravity, and vibrations, plus it’s water-resistant to 200 meters. The dial is covered in sapphire crystal for scratch protection too. The battery is solar powered and there’s no need to charge the watch in any other way, which is unusual for watches with a Bluetooth connection.

This isn’t the first time G-Shock has used ion plating to give an MT-G model an unusual look. In 2019, it released the MTG-B1000RB Rainbow Edition, made to celebrate 20 years of the Metal Twisted MT-G series. With the MTG-B1000VL, Casio has managed to make even that model look rather restrained.

You’ll pay $1,100 for the limited edition MTG-B1000VL when it goes on sale in September through G-Shock’s own site, and expect to pay 950 British pounds for one if you live in the U.K., based in the B1000RB’s price. Limited edition G-Shock watches like this never hang around for long, so if you want one, it’ll be best to get one quickly.

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