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New G-Shock Mudmaster gets added carbon strength, step tracking, and Bluetooth

Casio is ready to launch the latest Mudmaster GG-B100 watch, the second to use its new Carbon Core Guard structural technology, previously seen on the 2019 Gravitymaster watch. The Mudmaster has also been given a high-tech internal makeover compared to previous models.

The Carbon Core Guard name refers to the new structure that forms the inner body of the new Mudmaster. Like a racing car, the Mudmaster has a monocoque made from carbon composite, which is light and so strong, that the buttons no longer need external guards. This slims down the Mudmaster’s shape, making it more wearable. Stainless steel is used for the case back along with carbon-fiber-reinforced resin for impact resistance, plus there are filters behind each button to keep dust and dirt out. Like all G-Shock watches, it’s waterproof to 200 meters, shock proof, vibration resistant, and low-temperature resistant, too.

Inside the GG-B100 are a selection of sensors including a compass, a barometer, a thermometer, and a new addition for the 2019 model — a 3-axis accelerometer that counts steps. Casio introduced step tracking on G-Shocks in 2018 with the GBA-800, and it appears the functionality will be repeated here. This means the Mudmaster won’t be for serious fitness addicts, and instead simply provide step count and calorie burn data.

This will all be synced to your phone using Bluetooth, another first for the Mudmaster range. The Casio Connected app is excellent, and our experience with using it has been very positive. Here, it will keep a log of your activity, plus you will be able to adjust the local and world time, along with more outdoor-related features like GPS and recording altitude data. The Mudmaster is a tough watch for anyone who enjoys outdoor pursuits, and the dust, dirt, and water resistance ensures it will continue working regardless of how messy those outdoor activities get.

Digital Trends wore the new GG-B100 watch during the Baselworld 2019 watch show and found it to be lighter and more comfortable to wear than previous Mudmasters. Step count shows up on the digital readout at the press of a button, so you don’t have to look at the app, and the exposed carbon fiber bezel adds visual style which is still in keeping with the Mudmaster’s tank-like looks.

The Mudmaster GG-B100 will come in black, orange, or khaki with a matching resin band, and the battery will last for two years. Casio will release the watch in the U.S. for $350 and in the U.K. for 325 British pounds, with the U.K. release set for August 1.

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