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Garmin's Vivosmart 3 arrives to go toe to toe with Fitbit's Charge 2

vívosmart 3: The Subtle, Stylish, Smart Activity Tracker
Garmin has taken the wraps off its newest fitness tracker and, once again, it has Fitbit in its sights. It is called the Vivosmart 3 and with it comes a slightly revised design with the addition of new features like rep counting and stress monitoring.

In many ways, the Vivosmart 3 resembles the previous Vivosmart HR — though Garmin says this iteration is lighter and slimmer, with a soft-touch texture that runs throughout the entirety of the band, including over the top of the display. The screen will respond to swipe gestures and taps or raising your wrist. Also like the HR, the battery is reported to last five days on a single charge.

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Garmin added a strength training activity with the Vivosmart 3. When activated, it can automatically count your reps, sets, and rest times, as well as determine the exercises you perform. Once synced with the Garmin Connect app on your mobile device, you can view the data in greater detail and label or organize it as you please.

All-day stress tracking is another major focus. The Vivosmart 3 monitors your heart rate for variability and suggests breathing exercises to help you get it back under control. Sleep monitoring also returns from the previous Vivosmart devices, and once again, all the data collected can be viewed in the app.

Finally, the Vivosmart 3 is the first its line that measures maximal aerobic capacity (VO2), as done in Garmin’s more premium running watches. This is converted into a score and age, so users can keep track of their relative fitness level more easily and see where they stand.

The Vivosmart 3 comes in at $140 — $10 cheaper than Fitbit’s competing Charge 2, which lacks the rep counting and stress-monitoring features. It’s available in black and purple in small/medium sizes, with an additional large size in black only. The device is listed as shipping in five to eight weeks from Garmin’s website, but it is available now from Amazon, Best Buy, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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