Wellograph is a fancy wellness watch you’ll actually want to wear

While at the Luxury Technology Show in Beverly Hills, we ran into the Wellograph, a so-called “wellness watch” that aims to put the features of a fitbit into a fashionable watch you would be proud to wear with a fine suit, tuxedo, or, heck, even a Cosby sweater.

Seriously, though, the Wellograph is easily one of the better-looking activity-tracking pieces we’ve seen yet. And yes, it also tells time. Take a closer look at this watch which features a Sapphire crystal screen and easily interchangeable wristbands, among other fancy features.

Digital Trends’ Simon Hill reviewed the Wellograph, calling it a worthwhile purchase only if “you exercise in a suit.” However, having played with an updated version of the watch, we have a slightly different take: For those who live their life in a suit, the Wellograph is one of the few watches worth wearing that doesn’t look like a big rubber toy strapped to your wrist. Niche product? Sure. Worthwhile? You be the judge.

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