Protect yourself with a new line of smart jewelry from invisaWear

Most of your jewelry may do little more than sit still and look pretty, but that certainly isn’t the case with invisaWear, a new line of smart jewelry and accessories that allow users to instantly contact friends, family, and the authorities in the case of an emergency. Replacing the phone as your lifeline in dicey situations, invisaWear is the wearable that can truly go anywhere and everywhere.

Whether you prefer a necklace, a bracelet, or a keychain pendant, invisaWear should be able to integrate seamlessly into your life. Simply press the button in order to discreetly contact the most important people in your life (and law enforcement). And while the invisaWear is most useful in potentially problematic situations, wearers can rest a bit easier knowing that help is just the push of a pendant away.

While our smartphones often serve as our connection to the outside world, in true emergencies, your mobile device may be difficult to reach. But with a wearable like invisaWear, you don’t have to worry about dialing 911. Rather, thanks to the wearable’s emergency functionality powered by RapidSOS, you should be able to quickly access the nearest 911 center. Moreover, invisaWear products will provide dispatchers with your exact location. That said, the device also safeguards against accidental activation — you’ll have to double click your invisaWear in order to send an emergency alert.

“We created invisaWear to give peace of mind to women walking alone back to their cars, aspiring young ladies on college campuses, and anyone who wants to protect themselves and the people they love,” said Rajia Abdelaziz, CEO of invisaWear. All of the company’s products use Bluetooth low energy to sync with your phone, and boast one-year battery life. Use the companion mobile app to select your emergency contacts, and rest easy knowing that your wearable works internationally so you ought to be able to get help from just about anywhere in the world.

As with any crowdfunding campaign, you should certainly exercise caution before pinning all your hopes and dream on invisaWear, especially given the hefty responsibility the product claims to bear. But if you’re interested in putting the wearable’s claims to the test, invisaWear is offering early backers a pendant for $79, with delivery slated for July 2018.