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Jawbone’s up bands get more color options and better health features

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Jawbone’s Up2 and Up3 fitness trackers certainly look cool, but both bands were missing a few key features, and many users complained about the devices’ clasps in early reviews. In response, Jawbone is rolling out updates to the Up2, Up3, and Up4 activity trackers. The company added new health featuresmore color options, and a redesigned clasp for the Up2.

Thanks to an update to the software, the more expensive Up3 and Up4 bands will be able to measure Passive Heart Rate (PHR) alongside Resting Heart Rate (RHR). Now, the bands will try to take readings every 10 minutes, so as to offer a more complete view of your health. There is still no active heart rate measurement, though, so you need to stay motionless while the Up3 or Up4 measures your heart rate. If the band senses you’re in motion, it will check back to record your heart rate later.

Additionally, both the Up2 and Up3 will automatically know when you have fallen asleep, so you don’t need to put the wearable in sleep mode. Having more automated changes should improve the effectiveness of the Smart Coach app, which tries to offer recommendations based on your heart rate, activity levels, and caloric intake.

On the hardware side, Jawbone is fixing an issue with the clasp on the Up2. The new hardware units should have clasps that don’t unhook without warning, a criticism that was levied at Jawbone ever since the launch of the Up2. However, the Up3 will not receive the same adjustment to the clasp, despite similar concerns. Jawbone has not confirmed if older hardware owners will be able to swap out the defective Up2 bands for the new one or pay a small amount to switch bands.

Jawbone will also offer a few new colors for the Up2 and Up3. For the Up3, four new colors are available: Ruby Cross, Teal Cross, Indigo Twist, and Sand Twist. Meanwhile, the Up2 comes in five new colors, including Black Diamond, Gunmetal Hex, Oat Spectrum, Orchid Circle, and Turquoise Circle.

Jawbone will add the new color options to stores in the coming months. The update to the health software will roll out to its iOS and Android apps in the next few weeks.

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