Misfit and MyFitnessPal team up to help you get fit

misfit integrates myfitnesspal calorie counter shine

Misfit’s popular wearable Shine is adding support for new apps and devices left and right. First it added Beddit support to better track your sleeping patterns and then integrated the weight loss app Lose It. Now, the fashionable fitness wearable has added MyFitnessPal integration to its companion iPhone app.

MyFitnessPal is a nutrition and fitness tracker that is intended to help you lead a healthier life. The app has a database of 3 million different foods, making it extremely easy to keep track of how many calories you consume in a single day. MyFitnessPal users can simply scan a food package’s barcode, save specific meals, and add multiple foods at once to update their eating history. The app will also keep track of your nutritional information and you can set specific weight and fitness goals. MyFitnessPal will even alert you on your progress and tell you when you need to lay off the fries.

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All of the info stored in your MyFitnessPal app can now cross over to the Misfit app, so you’ll have an even better idea of how many calories you’ve consumed. Since Shine sends all your workout and activity data directly to the Misfit app, you’ll also know how many of those calories you’ve burned. The two apps should act together seamlessly to track your weight and overall well-being more accurately. If you use MyFitnessPal religiously and don’t forget to wear your Shine while you exercise, the Misfit app should help you reach your goals in no time.

To use the two apps together, Shine owners must simply download the new Misfit app on the App Store and the MyFitnessPal update.

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