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Omate Rise to feature Alexa integrations so you can control your home from your wrist

You can now talk to Alexa from your wrist. It’s all thanks to a limited edition smartwatch from Omate that will feature an integration with Amazon’s popular voice assistant. The Omate Rise Limited Edition smartwatch, which is slated to be made available in December, comes off the heels of a successful Indiegogo campaign, in which Omate raised $241,753 for its wearable, hitting its funding goal in just 15 minutes.

If you’re one of the folks who backed the Omate last year, don’t worry — you’ll be getting Alexa capabilities with your smartwatch, too. A software update will allow beta testers to access the same Alexa features, which include access to over 2,000 Alexa skills. Wearers will be able to control smart home devices, chat with Alexa, and generally run their lives from their wrists. And better yet, you won’t even need to preface every request with, “Alexa.” Instead, all you need to do is “press, hold, talk, and release,” much like you would with a walkie-talkie. While it’s a bit unclear as to what exactly you’re pressing, it seems logical that Omate would add a physical button or Alexa app to its smartwatch for easy use.

“We built the Alexa Voice Service so companies like Omate could bring their customers truly magical voice experiences,” said Aaron Brown, director of Amazon Alexa. “We’re excited to see customers communicating with Alexa while on the go through Omate Rise later this year.”

While the Omate Rise isn’t the first smartwatch to be integrated with Alexa (the CoWatch did it first), it’s still a relatively unusual feature. Sure, other devices allow users to chat with Siri, but as Alexa gains popularity (and skills), this might be a new trend in wearables.

If you didn’t get your hands on an Omate Rise the first time around, the Limited Edition will go up on Indiegogo on September 1, with prices ranging from $199 to $249 depending on how quick you are to the draw. You can expect your watch at your doorstep by December, so if you want to get in front of Christmas this year, an Omate smartwatch may be your answer.

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