Christopher Walken advises you to hide the Apple Watch in a very uncomfortable place

Here’s an Apple Watch parody video that once you see it, you’ll be surprised no one came up with it before now, because it not only fits so perfectly, it’s also highly amusing. Imagine instead of Jony Ive telling us all about the Apple Watch’s streamlined design, clever straps, and, ahem, ‘anal’ attention to detail, it was Christopher Walken.

Except Walken isn’t talking about features or style. He’s regaling us with a wartime tale about ensuring a watch —  no, a birthright — is properly handed down to its rightful owner. All the while in the video, we see the Apple Watch in all its glory, before Walken’s face pops up on the display at the end. It’s the stuff of dreams.

Now, it’s a reality, and of course, we’re talking about an awesome mashup that brings an Apple Watch ad together with Walken’s infamous scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Infamous because of where the watch stayed hidden all those years, before finally reaching a young Butch’s hands.

This is what makes the parody so perfect. For every person who is desperate to own and proudly wear an Apple Watch, there is another who would gladly stuff the new device where the sun refuses to shine. For some, the parody is a rallying call, while for others it’s a gentle fable about being on the lookout for thieves. Or maybe I’m just over thinking it.

The Apple Watch is now officially on sale, although the options for picking one up in-store are very slim, but it’s available online provided you don’t mind waiting a while for one to arrive. If you do manage to find one in a fashionable boutique somewhere, then we’re sure if you ask nicely they’ll give you a bag to transport it home, and you won’t need to resort to Walken’s advice of where to keep it safe.