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Razer opens Nabu X social fitness band sales with $50 two-for-one offer

The Nabu X smartband is a refresh of Razer’s over-the-top, but cool smartband for gamers, the Razer Nabu. This time, the company has throttled back and slimmed the wristband down in both size and features, giving us a lightweight, Fitbit-esque wrist wearable, that’s designed to bring its growing gamer community together.

Updated on 04-29-2015 by Andy Boxall: Added in price and details of a two-for-one offer on the Nabu X.

Nabu X launches with $50 two-for-one deal

The Nabu X is now up for sale through Razer’s website, with a very tempting promotion to accompany its launch. Between April 28 and May 31, anyone who purchases the Nabu X will get a second for free. The Nabu X has a number of cool social features, which will only make sense if there are plenty of people wearing the bands. This way, Razer gets twice as many out into the world.

Razer is charging $50 for the Nabu X, which with the Band Together promotion means they work out at $25 each, slightly more than the early bird $20 deal offered to Razer Insiders at the beginning of 2015. Considering the specs, it’s an excellent price. It’s available through Razer’s website now.

The wearable for active, social gamers

The OLED display from the Nabu has gone, replaced by three LED lights that can be configured based on the notifications you receive. This also ensures a sensible 5 to 7 day battery life, but also the much cheaper price point. The smartband still has all the sensors that came on the Nabu, so it’ll count your steps, monitor your sleep, and check up on other day-to-day activities.


The Nabu smartband line is what Razer calls the “first truly social wearable.” It includes a number of social sensors and some cool gestures. A high-five or a hand shake shares your Twitter handle or Facebook details with a fellow Razer Nabu X wearer, and the band communicates with other nearby Nabu X owners to exchange gaming information, if you’re friends or have mutual acquaintances.

Razer has a suite of its own apps available for the Nabu X, including Good Morning Nabu for calendar and weather updates, Nabu Fitness, and custom Razer Nabu widgets for Android phones. The fitness band also connects up with Apple’s Health app and Google Fit, plus MyTracker and Map My Fitness.

If you want to take advantage of the buy one, get one free offer, make sure you get your order in before the end of May.

Article originally published on 01-06-2015

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