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This odor-fighting, bacteria-killing underwear is made with pure silver

Body odor can be pretty embarrassing, not to mention smelly. While deodorant is a great fix for some body odor, it can only do so much. For everything else, however, there’s SilverTech odorless underwear, made by Organic Basics.

A Kickstarter campaign has been started for the new concept, boasting “the most comfortable, versatile, and technologically advanced underwear.” So what makes it so special? It’s made with pure silver.

OK, so the underwear isn’t metal, but it is infused with pure silver fibers, which apparently keep your shirt, socks, or briefs smelling fresh all day. This is because of silver’s oligodynamic properties, which controls the growth of microbes and kills bacteria. In fact, according to the Kickstarter campaign, it kills 99.9 percent of bacteria it comes in contact with. No bacteria basically means no body odor. Not bad.

The silver also acts as a heat conductor, so it should keep a regulated temperature — this should prevent you from overheating too much and hence sweating too much, as well as getting too cold in the winter.

This isn’t Organic Basics’ first rodeo. The company launched another campaign for fully organic underwear back in 2014, doubling its $10,000 funding goal. SilverTech continues the organic trend, but then takes things a step further. Not only are the offerings high-tech, but they’re also aimed at being durable. Organic Basics says the underwear will last 10-plus years.

Of course, at the price it’s set at, you’ll want it to last at least that long — the cheapest product is a pair of socks, costing around $14, and that’s the “Super Early Bird Special.” Pledges range up to around $675, which will get you 10 of each product. Currently the project is only tailored to men. At the time of this writing, the campaign had raised a cool $11,427 — a lot of money to be sure, but around $27,000 shy of the $38,424 funding goal.

To get SilverTech underwear for yourself, head to the Kickstarter page.

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