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The Vector smartwatch, with full 30-day battery life, is now available to order online

Smartwatch manufacturer Vector announced the Vector Watch back in March, a connected wrist worn timepiece that’s more jewelry than tech product. It’s aimed at fashionable individuals more attracted to style than technical ability. Unlike the Apple Watch or Google’s Android Wear platform, the Vector Watch works with smartphones running Android, iOS, or Windows Phone, much like the Pebble.

Updated on 09-25-2015 by Robert Nazarian: Added in official launch news.

Limited edition pre-orders closed on June 19

After a few months of limited pre-orders, Vector finally announced the launch of the full collection of its new smartwatch. Most models will ship by September 30, while others will land at the end of October. You can get one now on its website.

Vector put the smartwatch up for pre-order on its website in March, but closed the offer on June 19. The watches on sale during the pre-order were all limited editions, and aren’t a part of its main smartwatch collection, which launched in late September.

The Meridian rectangular version comes in brushed gun metal with a black nylon strap, and was the cheapest at £170/$200. However, it’s the round Luna models that really catch the eye, but they were priced a little higher at £300/$350. There was a choice of either gun metal or black for the case, and a black nylon or brown leather strap.

Both smartwatches went on sale in the U.S., the UK, Switzerland, Romania, and Hong Kong in September.

A simplified user experience

Made from stainless steel and available with metal, silicon or leather straps, the Vector Watch will be produced with a round or a rectangular face, and the minimalistic, unfussy design should appeal to people who like traditional watches. The round model has a 44mm face, while the rectangular version measures 40.5mm. Both are water resistant to 50 meters, and have hardened mineral screens.

The style is certainly there, but there’s also some interesting technology hidden inside. The Vector Watch has an all-digital monochrome screen, which permanently displays the time. The watch face can be customized with a variety of faces from the Vector store.

Vector has written its own operating system for the watch and it’ll show notifications, calendar appointments, RSS feeds, plus the usual fitness tracking data, such as steps, distance, calories burned as well as the duration and quality of your sleep.

Vector Watch Gold

Interestingly, Vector sees the notification aspects as a secondary feature, and doesn’t want them to be intrusive. You’ll be alerted when they come through, but you’ll need raise the watch up for it to actually show the information.

The Vector app store includes apps from BBC, CNET, ESPN and The Economist. More apps will be added soon from Facebook, Nest, Uber, and British Airways. The plan is to open the store to all developers in 2016.

30 days battery life

Despite all the smartwatch features and always-on screen, Vector says the battery will last for 30 days, way more than Android Wear, the Apple Watch, or even the Pebble can manage. This means that you will only need to charge the watch 12 times per year, not 365.

12 unique high quality models

Vector watch is all about style with its high quality materials and design. Each watch is made from 316L stainless steel and has a precision finish. Bands are easily interchangeable since Vector uses the standard 22mm size. Going for a swim won’t be a concern either, as they can withstand up to 50 meters in water.

The Vector comes in both round and square styles, and you have your choice of silicon, leather, or stainless steel for the bracelet. The square watches come in at 40.5mm , while the round ones are 44mm.

The Performance series features a matte black case and a silicone strap. They start at £220 for the square version and £300 for the round version.

The Contemporary series features matte black or silver for the case and a leather or stainless steel (round only) strap. They start at £220 for the square version and £300 for the round version.

The Classic series is available in rose gold or champagne gold along with a croco leather or stainless steel strap. It’s only available in the round design, which starts at £350.

Updated on -6-12-2015 by Andy Boxall: Added in a date for the end of limited edition pre-orders, plus news about the final release of the Vector.

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