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With the sleek Activite Pop, Withings keeps its high style, cut its high price

Withings didn’t compromise much with the $150 Activité Pop — it’s still a fabulous smart watch.

As soon as we saw it, we fell in love with the Swiss-made Withings Activité, which combines an attractive analog wristwatch with a fitness tracker. However, one potential sticking point was the $450 price tag. Withings was obviously listening to that bit of criticism, because it announced the Activité Pop at CES 2015 for a much lower price.

The Activité Pop range starts at $150, which is a few hundred bucks cheaper than the original model. Obviously, Withings made a few compromises to hit that price point. Functionally, it still packs all of the incredible activity tracking and sleep monitoring technology into the traditional wristwatch form factor, but the design is less premium.

It’s not Swiss-made, but it’s still gorgeous

This watch isn’t Swiss-made, and the leather strap gives way to silicone. Also, instead of stainless steel, there’s a PVD-coated (physical vapor deposition) watch case. It looks almost exactly like the original Activité, but the metal casing isn’t shiny, the hands aren’t gleaming stainless steel, and the ticks that demarcate the hours are flat instead of 3D. You won’t find sapphire glass on the domed watch face, either.

The simple face has two dials: One that keeps track of the time, and another that shows how close you’ve come to your 10,000-step-a-day goal. The screen is still touch responsive, so it shows you what time your alarm will go off the next day. Withings also promises that the Pop is fully waterproof, and you can take it swimming.

Photo credit: Digital Trends / Malarie Gokey
Photo credit: Digital Trends / Malarie Gokey

The Pop moniker refers to the colors, a range that initially includes Shark Grey, Bright Azure, and Wild Sand (or grey, blue, and beige). However, more varieties will soon be available, and you can even get different colored straps. We saw a very nice collection of orange, blue, and green straps during a Withings event.

Despite the changes, the Activité Pop still looks stylish. It’s the second-most attractive fitness tracker we’ve ever seen, and only the original Activité can top it.

It keeps tabs on your fitness

The Activité Pop’s insides silently track your steps, sleep, and swimming. It syncs, via Bluetooth 4.0, with Withings Health Mate app for iOS and Android. The app enables you to set goals and track your progress. You can also set a silent, vibrating alarm in the app to wake up more peacefully. When it comes to battery life, Withings suggests you can expect to get eight months out of the replaceable watch battery.

In short, Withings didn’t compromise on functionality at all with the Pop. It can do everything the first Activité can do, even though it’s a fraction of the price.

It costs a whole lot less

You can buy the Withings Activité Pop at Best Buy for just $150, and it should go on sale through the Withings website next month. At that price, it’s a genuine bargain. Most fitness trackers like the Fitbit Charge cost about the same price, but don’t look half as attractive.

Stay tuned for a full review.


  • Same great fitness tracking
  • Low price is competitive
  • Fun color options


  • Not Swiss made
  • Made of less high quality materials than Withings Activité

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