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Clothes can go from the catwalk to your front door in an hour thanks to Amazon

You won’t even have time to covet what you see on the catwalk now that Amazon is involved. The online retail giant may have just lost exclusive rights to 1-click buying, but that doesn’t mean it’s giving up on making it as easy as possible to get you what your heart desires. Its latest test involves bringing the fashion show straight to your flat, as Amazon tested one-hour delivery on pieces shown on a runway Saturday evening. Customers in London could’ve seen a jacket they loved on a model, headed over to Amazon, and had the same article of clothing delivered to their door within 60 minutes.

In partnership with the Nicopanda label (headed by former Diesel creative director Nicole Formichetti), Amazon gave fashionistas a chance to grab items from London Fashion Week hot off the presses, quite literally. The six pieces available to buyers included a hoodie, a long sleeve tee, a bomber jacket, an oversized scarf, a clutch bag, and leggings.

“Nicopanda’s designs immediately turn heads,” Susan Saideman, vice president for Amazon Fashion Europe said in a statement. “We’re excited to bring such an exciting brand to our customers for the first time.”

But don’t think that getting your fix will come without a price. In addition to the Amazon Prime subscription fee (of course, one-hour delivery is only available to Prime members) and the cost of the clothing itself, eager customers also had to pay a premium for such speedy delivery. But for those who are true fans of Nicopanda and its bright colors, graphic motifs, and famous cartoon panda, it’s all worth it.

This is by no means the first time Amazon has made a foray into the fashion world. Indeed, the company has its very own label, Find, and also launched a try-before-you-buy subscription service for clothing. But this is the first time that fast fashion is so high end. As Reuters notes, Amazon and Nicopanda are not the only brands hoping to capitalize on our desire for instant gratification. Other labels showing at London Fashion Week, including Burberry, Topshop, and Tommy Hilfiger, are also reportedly looking into fast buy options.

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