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Anonymous’ third attack turns Arizona police and FOP into punching bags

antisecOnce again the Arizona police have become targets for Anonymous. This latest hit marks the third time Anonymous has released sensitive information embarrassing the Arizona law enforcement; once earlier this week from police e-mail accounts, and also on June 23 when Chinga La Migra began. The “third knockout” is making these police officers look like Anonymous’ punching bag.

Chinga La Migra Communique 3 promised that this time the hackers were going to get “destructive”. In a Pastbin message, the group released sensitive information containing 1200 officer’s usernames, passwords, and email addresses. Additionally, they defaced 8 Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) including the sites for Arizona, Tucson and Phoenix. To top it all off they released hundreds of private FOP documents and more mail from FOP presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, a police chief and more.

Anonymous says that this new batch of emails contains anti-Muslim chain letters, crude anti-Obama jokes as well as jokes about torturing “ragheads”.

The reasons why they’ve hit Arizona again is part of their larger anti-government message covered when AntiSec was announced, but it sounds like Arizona PD is being made into an example. The hackers say, “We’re doing this not only because we are opposed to SB1070 and the racist Arizona police state, but because we want a world free from police, prisons and politicians altogether.”

The target FOP sites are down at the moment and the Arizona Department of Public Safety website was also offline earlier today.

They closed their Pastbin message saying “to the ruling class around the world [,] you will no longer be able to operate your campaign of terror against immigrants and working people in secrecy; we will find you, expose you, and knock you off the internet.”

Interestingly, it was found out Thursday that the Anonymous sub-group PLF launched two .tk whistleblower sites modeled after WikiLeaks called HackerLeaks and LocalLeaks.

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