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CES day 3: Our favorite images from the floor

Digital Trends has the distinct pleasure of roaming the floors of CES and experiencing the magic as it happens. If you want to be a part of the fun, take a look at our Live CES coverage, or read on to see some of our favorite moments.

In case you weren’t sure just how big 146 inches of TV is, modeling by the giant screen for scale is our very own Ian Bell, Digital Trends CEO, and Dan Gaul, Digital Trends CTO.

Just a group of strangers casually napping, no biggie.

Oh look, Razer made a custom keyboard for Shaq.

Why go to the produce aisle, when the produce aisle can come to you?

Bet you’ve never played a game of Pacman quite like this.

And this is just the backside.

Check out the Aflac duck with the Juan and only Juan Garcia, editor in chief of Digital Trends Español.

A blackout at the biggest tech event of the year? Someone must have tripped on a cord.

Looks like a decent painting, right? Wrong! That right there is E Ink. Read more.

Here we have our Editor in Chief Jeremy Kaplan handing an award to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.

Take a gander at this crazy car! Good luck finding that thing in a herd of zebras.

Our Home Editor, Kim Wetzel, had the pleasure of standing next Shaq. She’s actually pretty tall.

LG Robot

Here we have this little robot from LG  we found near the food court. Carrying groceries is way easier with this adorable little helper. Read more.

The smart car of the future? The headlights even wink!

Here we have the folks over at Lenovo explaining their latest innovations. Everyone seems to be on their phone though.

The Nissan IMX concept. This beautiful machine is gorgeous on the inside and out. Too bad we’ll probably never get to drive it. Read more.

Here we have our very own Ryan Waniata hanging out with Usain Bolt, no big deal. Watch interview.

Meet The Wall. Samsung’s 146-inch MicroLED monstrosity is even bigger in person. Read more.

Here we have the Digital Trends booth looking great. We sure know how to do a live stream.

Do you think you could beat this robot at scrabble? Look at that laser focus.

Here we have another robot, though we still aren’t sure what it does. Even that sassy robot in the top left corner doesn’t know what’s going on.

Toyota e-Palette concept

Would you want to ride in this thing? He looks like he’s genuinely asking. Read more.

Here we have the latest in VR technology, and this lady does not seem impressed at all. Read more.

Look at this gaming display! That’s 65-inches of pure glory right there. Read more.

Rain in Las Vegas? Only us Portland natives were prepared.

This Mercedes is one of the coolest cars we’ve seen. Just look at those curves!

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