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Cloud Computing Center for Scotland

Cloud Computing Center for Scotland

Inverness, in the North of Scotland, is definitely going to be part of 21st century computing. IT firm Alchemy Plus is partnering with Microsoft to build a cloud computing complex in the city’s harbor area.

Why Inverness? Basically, because it never gets too warm there, which means less energy will be needed to cool the huge number of computers, cutting down on the need for refrigeration. As it stands, the 20,000 square foot building will generate plenty of heat, and waste energy will be used to heat nearby buildings.

The BBC reports that the complex, which will be used for data storage, will cost around $30 million, and should be complete by the end of 2010, creating 400 jobs.

Steve Chisolm, Alchemy Plus chief executive officer, said:

"Much thought has gone into developing an environmentally-friendly solution that reduces energy consumption and waste while satisfying a rapidly growing demand for cheaper and more flexible IT services that enhance business value."

Cloud computing, where data is stored remotely and can be accessed by the user from any computer, might well be the wave of the future.

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