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Google, GE Combine On Energy

Google, GE Combine On Energy

At its annual Zeitgeist, where it invites executives from many different businesses to a conference, Google announced it was teaming up with the multinational major General Electric to help develop a “smart” electric grid and promote the use of clean energy.

"Our economic, environmental and security challenges require we use electricity more efficiently and generate it from cleaner sources," they said in a joint statement, while noting that currently, "policy is a major impediment to building a 21st century electricity system."

GE is a major player in wind power (it bought Enron’s wind power business and is now making a $7 billion annual profit from it, according to the BBC), as well as developing hybrid locomotives. Google has maintained that a smart grid is necessary to fully realize the benefits of renewable energy. They concluded:

"This 21st century electricity system must combine advanced energy technology – a major GE focus – and cutting edge information technology – a major Google focus. We believe that by combining our efforts, along with other relevant businesses and industries, we can advance critical policy change in Washington and develop new technologies and services for consumers."

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