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Google’s Zagat buy whips up smorgasbord of bad food puns

Google Zagat Food

Chew on this: Google has officially announced its purchase of survey and publishing company Zagat, best known for its respected guides to local restaurants and the famed “Zagat rated” stickers that establishments put on their windows when they appear in a Zagat’s restaurant guide. But you likely already knew that because, as soon as the story broke, media organizations around the world immediately began serving the most delicious food pun headlines they could create. So, since we’re already savoring these tasty word choice morsels, lets take a look at what our media wordsmiths were able to cook up so far:

• Google just got Zagat rated! (Google)

• Google gobbles Zagat (InformationWeek)

• Google gobbles up Zagat (Time)

• Google gobbles up Zagat to bolster local content (Reuters)

• This deal is ‘impeccable’: Google gobbles up Zagat (Washington City Paper)

• Google greedily gobbles foodie guide Zagat (Register)

• Google buys Zagat, gives itself extraordinary rating (Search Engine Watch)

• Google adds Zagat to its local buffet (ClickZ)

• Google expands its locations palette with acquisition of Zagat (TMC Net)

• Google acquires Zagat to beef up local reviews (All Things D)

• Google buys out Zagat to beef up local content (CIO Today)

• Google buying Zagat makes instant sense (Atlantic Wire)

• On today’s Google menu: Zagat purchase, with a side of patent-battle news (Mercury News)

• Holy cannoli! Google buys Zagat (Digital Trends)

Seeing as this news is mere hours old, I’m sure there will be more headlines to feast upon as word spreads. Also, I should point out that, in my search for the perfectly bad food pun, I found that most outlets went with something bland, like “Google buys Zagat,” so make sure to take these examples with a grain of — oh, you get the idea.

[Image via EggFoYoung/Deviant Art]

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