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Inauguration Breaks Records

They’ve cleaned up the litter on the Washington Mall, taken down the stands, and after taking the oath of office (twice), the business of governance is underway. The dust has settled, and the figures for Internet traffic relating to the Inauguration are out.

Yahoo says it smashed all records, both for page views and visitors, with Yahoo News receiving over 329 million page views which came from 12.3 million unique visitors during the inauguration itself.

If that wasn’t enough, photo site Flickr did well too, as some 150,000 new pictures were uploaded and tagged with terms relating to the inauguration, Vnunet reports.

Yahoo’s search engine was also in heavy use, with the most popular topics being the oath itself, Aretha Franklin, and the Reverend Joseph Lowery, who gave the benediction.

CNN Digital News Network has 11 million unique visitors on the day, while MSNBC recorded 10 million. Millions watched the ceremony online, with CNN alone reporting 18 million live streams.

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