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Microsoft’s Outlook now lets you attach Google Drive files and Facebook photos

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Christian de Looper / Digital Trends
It looks like Microsoft’s Outlook website is about to get a little more useful, especially for users of Google Drive and Facebook. The service is set to receive support for Google Drive and Facebook photos. That support will come with a new ‘attachments view,’ which will soon show options for both of those services.

This will not affect the Outlook mobile app, but then again it does not need to — the app has supported both Google Drive and Facebook photos for some time now.

You will not just be able to attach files in Outlook — you will also be able to edit files from Google Drive straight from Outlook, which is a nice addition for those that often get sent files hosted by Google Drive. To add a Google Drive file, all you need to do is click on the attachment icon, then choose Google Drive as the service you want to use. Once you attach it, it will include a link to the source file. When someone receives that file, they will be able to edit it straight from Outlook. Until this rolls out, to edit a file sent to you through Outlook as a link, you have to open it in Google Drive.

The Facebook support allows you to connect a Facebook account, then choose from your photos to attach directly to the email. That can be pretty useful if you share a lot of photos with people who may not necessarily be in your friends’ list.

Microsoft is also tweaking how attachments show up in a long conversation. In those conversations, you will see a central list of all the attachments instead of having to dig through email by email.

The features are rolling out to users now, so if you do not see them yet, they should be on their way soon.

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