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Samsung hires Korean rapper to sing its sustainability report

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Apparently concerned that news items on its latest sustainability report focused too heavily on the negative content, Samsung decided to go out of its way to highlight the positive parts. Using a rapper.

Posted on its Samsung Tomorrow YouTube channel, the 90-second video (embedded below) features the voice and lyrics of Korean rap artist Mad Clown.

Dutifully picking out the friendlier parts of Samsung’s sustainability report, which was released in conventional and boring document form earlier this year, Mad Clown launches into his song with:

Here we go once again
Samsung to the rescue
Put wings to your dreams
Everyone just listen

….before deftly moving on to the subject of women in the workforce:

Samsung, we 280,000 humans
40 percent 112,000 women
You don’t have to worry after giving birth
Sit back, relax, no need to work
It’s all taken care of
Leave it up to us
Family friendly company, with kindergarten

And so it goes on, though you might wish it didn’t.

Of course, including a verse about the sustainability report’s exposure of underage hiring by a Samsung supplier, as well as worker exposure to hazardous chemicals and a failure to comply with rules on overtime hours, would’ve been a big ask, so Mad Clown wisely left those parts out.

As part of its Vision 2020 plan for the future, Samsung is aiming to be recognized as one of the world’s top 10 companies for people to work. In its ongoing bid to paint itself as the company of employees’ dreams, Samsung also launched a web-only musical sitcom portraying itself as a youthful and vibrant firm where people in their 20s and 30s would love to work.

[Video via Time]