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Six Million Pieces Of Data For $1300

Six Million Pieces Of Data For $1300

German data protection officials couldn’t believe it when the CDs arrived. They contained six million piece of personal data, including bank account details and phone numbers. They’d bought the information online for just $1300.

Now, as the data protection of for Schleswig-Holstein investigate the source of the leak, which is believed to come from a call center. Call centers and lottery offices are suspected of selling data, according to the BBC, and lawmakers are calling for tougher restrictions.

Thilo Weichert, head of the Schleswig-Holstein data protection office, told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper:

"The sale of bank account data is just as illegal as unsolicited telephone marketing – so-called ‘cold calling.’ Lawmakers can do more to protect consumers. The transfer of data for marketing purposes should be made universally conditional on the customer’s approval."

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