Get Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Mixpanel information directly through Slack with Statsbot

statsbot slack screen shot 2017 02 12 at 8 47 18 am

Slack isn’t just for shooting the breeze and inter-office chats — thanks to a new bot, you can also analyze data in your favorite chatroom.

Given that Slack is found most commonly in agile, data-driven startups where efficiency is king, Statsbot serves as a neat little solution when it comes to quantitative analysis. The product promises Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Salesforce information directly through Slack via a bot. As Statsbot says, it’s “the right way” to track your metrics.

In speaking with TechCrunch, co-founder and CEO Artyom Keydunov said that he decided to create his company and the product following his experience as the head of a remote engineering team. He discovered it might be “a good idea to bring data from Google Analytics or Mixpanel to the place where all collaboration happens — to Slack.”

So that’s exactly what Keydunov did. And apparently, quite a few companies agree with his original hypothesis. Thus far, the bot has been installed by 20,000 businesses, and the company has raised $1.6 million in funding, with some of the money coming from the Slack Fund.

As it stands, Keydunov said that Statsbot is often used in meetings, as it can be “really nice and really essential and really vital to have this data with you.” Rather than having to prepare a deck or refer to separate charts in order to corroborate a claim, Statsbot users can simply have colleagues look at Slack, where they’re likely already looking.

Moreover, Statsbot can send users notifications based on key events. If you want to be kept abreast of signup rates after a big marketing push, the bot can tell you when numbers of spike. And the next step is not only to report on this information, but act upon it as well. In the future, this bot might be able to tell you “why something goes wrong or why a trend line in your sales change,” and allow you to make adjustments directly through Slack.

Keydunov concluded, “What we want to do here is to create the Statsbot … that works across different sources, merging different sources and giving you much more valuable insights on the intersection.”


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