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Time Warner suffers nation-wide Internet outage

If your Internet connection just cut out for about 30 seconds, you’re not alone. At about 9:30am ET, Time Warner cable announced on Twitter that it had experienced an Internet outage that has affected most of the service provider’s areas across the country.

As of July, Time Warner had more than 9.7 million residential high-speed Internet customers. That number doesn’t include the countless workers affected by the outage, only people who subscribe at home.

TW cable

Time Warner’s customer service Twitter account, @TWcablehelp, is working furiously to help customers affected by the outage, suggesting people restart their connection in an attempt to get back online.

It is not yet known why Time Warner’s Internet system went down, or how such an outage is technically possible. We will update this page with new information as soon as it’s available.

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