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Floor plans of 'Parks and Rec' and other TV offices are absolutely adorable

There’s something unique about the open-plan, isometric perspective of sim games like The Sims or Theme Hospital, and that’s no more apparent than in these cutesy 3D floor plans of famous TV shows. There are digital floor plans of everything from The Office to Parks and Recreation, Suits, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and more.

TV shows set in specific locations are made up of a lot of disjointed shots. If you read between the lines you can see that not all filmed locations are actually within the same building. Some are shot on soundstages, and creative camera work hides the seams and the strings. That’s why seeing the office from The IT Crowd or Mad Men is so satisfying from an isometric perspective. It makes it all the more real.

Created as a fun side project by the people at the 3D real estate marketing service firm, Drawbotics, we’re told the virtual office floors took around 200 hours of work to create, but they are very detailed.

From individual files and folders, to different PC keyboards and mice, to a multitude of references and accessories, each of the environments has been crafted with love and accuracy. Drawbotics’ artists claim to be big fans of binge-watching these sorts of shows on lazy Sundays, and you would have to be, to spot all of the nerd-level details that you can find in these floor plans.

As Kotaku points out, what’s even more apparent from looking at these creations, is how much fun it might be to play a management sim game based around some of them. The wacky office politics, the random dangers faced by some of those in these rather mundane, work environments. There’s definitely something to it.

What would you like to see built from these sorts of office-plan projects?

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