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Apple could gain 5-7 million users due to Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, analyst says

While Samsung is going through one of its mobile divisions biggest failures, Apple could seriously benefit, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He suggests that as many as 5 million to 7 million people could switch to the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 could finally launch at the beginning of 2017, report says

According to a recent report, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will finally launch at the start of 2017 -- months after it was originally rumored to launch. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen what kind of specs the new tablet has.

These are the 35 tips and tricks you need to master the Galaxy S7

If Samsung’s latest flagship has sailed into your hand, then you might be interested in some useful Galaxy S7 tips and tricks to help you unveil its many abilities. Get more from your phone with this handy guide.

New Android banking malware steals your data with the snap of a selfie

A new malware has been making the rounds on Android that attempts to steal your identity -- by having you take a selfie with government-issued ID. Naturally, if an app wants a picture of your ID, you should make sure it actually needs it.

Google Maps gains a shortcut to the Traffic screen and readies a real-time ‘busyness’ view

The newest version of the Google Maps beta for Android has gained a shortcut to the app's traffic screen and a real-time busyness view. It'll roll out gradually in the coming weeks.

ZTE's tiny, affordable Axon 7 Mini is now available for pre-order in the U.S.

ZTE’s Axon 7 Mini may technically slot into the so-called budget category of smartphones, but after using it ourselves, we think it’s a premium experience all the way. It retails for $300, with U.S. pre-orders arriving later this month.

South Korean government to investigate what's causing the Note 7 fires

Samsung and the South Korean government have launched new investigations into defective Note 7 devices. The company has so far struggled to find the cause of reported explosions and fires.

It's rugged! Has Nougat! Doesn't explode! LG's V20 has a few legs up on Samsung

We tried out LG’s V20 phablet, a device that brings military-grade drop protection, top-notch processor performance, and a superb trio of cameras to the table.
Product Review

Lenovo Yoga Book Review

Still love pens? The Yoga Book lets you go digital without abandoning paper.

The WhammyPhone is an experimental digital instrument you play by bending

The WhammyPhone has a crazy name, but that's nothing compared to what happens when you give the flexible screen a twist. It turns out, the prototype phone may be a musician's dream.

Don't call the faithful Nexus 6 old, says rose-tinted YouTube video

Sad there may never be another Nexus phone? Probably not as much as this Nexus 6 owner, who made a YouTube video showing the device really can't be called old, and how its specification still holds up today.

From Android 1.0 to Android 7.0, here’s how the top mobile OS has evolved over the years

It's hard to believe, but Android has been around for almost a decade now. From Android 1.0 to Android Nougat, here's the history of Android and the changes that came with each new software iteration.