Android Army

Chase Bank’s Android app lets you log in with a tap of the finger

Chase Bank has added fingerprint authentication support for Android 6.0 and higher devices, making it easier to log in. The move follows Bank of America's recent update that extended its fingerprint support to all Android devices 6.0 and…

$15,000 smartphone coming in May puts tech before bling

Sirin Labs is the latest name in the niche, ultra-expensive smartphone world. It plans to release a $15,000 device in May, that will concentrate on technology rather than blinged-up luxury.

Phones don’t get much bigger than Xiaomi’s whopping, rumored Mi Max

Xiaomi has started teasing the announcement of a new phone. A really big new phone. It's called the Mi Max, and the screen size may be larger than 6-inches, bridging the gap between its current largest phone and the Mi Pad 2 tablet.

This may be our first look at the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, and this time it has a digital display

Not all leaks come from secretive members of staff, or by accident, sometimes they can come from a very high-up source who doesn't mind being identified. That's the case with what could be the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, shown off by the company's…

Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch may come in September, luxury version to follow in 2017

Samsung is apparently working on the Gear S3 smartwatch, a follow-up to last year's Gear S2, and has already commissioned luxury brand de Grisogono to make an expensive, luxurious version of the device.

Download these five awesome new apps for iOS and Android

Another week has gone by, but it brought us a handful of new apps to try. This week's list has an app that will reward you for donating to charity, as well as a calendar app that tells you the ongoings of our planetary system.

15 handy HTC 10 tips and tricks to master your phone

If you’ve got yourself a sexy HTC 10, then you’ll want to unleash its full potential with our HTC 10 tips and tricks. Find out how to get the best from your new smartphone.

For whom the ringtone tolls: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s are both top of the line phones, but which one is better? We break down the specs in an attempt to decide.

"Alexa, remind me to call in sick the day after my birthday" — Add events to Google Calendar with your Amazon Echo

Amazon seems to be stepping more and more into Google's territory, and has released an update that finally allows the Echo to be able to schedule events to your Google Calendar rather than just reading back existing events.

The NHTSA is using Twitter to personally call out people who text and drive

The NHTSA has taken to a new method of calling out people who text and drive -- Twitter. Scroll down the NHTSA's Twitter feed and you'll see a constant stream of tweets at people who admit, sometimes gleefully, that they're testing and…

Deal alert! The Alcatel POP 7 LTE has Android 6.0 and costs only $130

Looking for a budget tablet to live in your bag for when you're on the run? The Alcatel POP 7 LTE includes Android 6.0 Marshmallow, LTE connectivity, and only costs $130. You can even pay it in installments!

Microsoft and Google call a truce with an agreement to end regulatory disputes

Microsoft and Google have decided to compete with their products, rather than regulatory complaints. The two companies agreed to talk to each other first, before running to regulators.