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Looking to get a Moto X Style Pure Edition? Motorola adds 3 new designs

Teaming up with Jonathan Adler, Motorola is launching three special edition designs for the Moto X Style Pure Edition. The new backs are available on Moto Maker's site on November 24 for preorder.

The 5 best phones you can safely hand over to your kids’ grubby paws

Keeping track of your children on the go is tough, but finding the right cell phone for them may be even harder. Check out our selection of the best cell phones for kids, so you can find the right device for your kid (and your wallet).

Windows Phone market share drops to 1.7 percent, as Android and Huawei’s fortunes rise

New data from research company Gartner shows Windows Phone's market share dropping to 1.7 percent during the third quarter from 3 percent last year. Android and iOS continued to dominate, and Huawei saw a big increase in phone sales.

Tap to pay is coming to Korea: LG Pay prepares to launch

LG might be planning to join the growing list of mobile payment providers in the near future. Rumors claim it's working on G Pay, a mobile payments service for South Korea and the United States.

Oppo recognizes the value of stock Android, offers a special version for the Find 7 1:36

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has realized not everyone wants Android covered in a custom UI, and has launched Project Spectrum, an almost stock ROM for its Find 7 smartphone.

Christmas come early? The stylish, powerful Oppo R7S launches for $400 in December

Oppo has announced the R7S, a continuation of the R7 range of smartphones that already includes the R7 and R7 Plus. The high-spec device is coming to the U.S. and international markets in December.

For deals or just the latest designs, these are the shopping apps you need

It's time to get started on your holiday shopping. To help, we've collected some apps you may not know of that are all great tools to help finish holiday gift buying early this year.

Ad-supported apps will get a special label inside the Google Play store next year

Just like it does with apps that have in-app purchases right now, next year Google will add a label telling visitors to the Google Play Store which apps have advertising. Developers are being told to supply the information now.
Product Review

Nexus 5X Review

Google's Nexus 5X has the worst battery life of any phone we’ve used all year.

Google is lowering its minimum purchase price for Play Store apps

Google's Alistair Pott, a Google Play product manager, made a bold announcement in the Android Developers Blog -- "Minimum purchase price for apps and in-app products reduced on Google Play," the headline reads.

Vivo posts teaser showing X6 multitasking features

Chinese mobile maker Vivo is teasing one of its most high-end smartphones ever, the X6. The phone will be made of 98 percent metal and feature a deca-core processor and 4GB of RAM inside. It will supposedly surpass the iPhone in…

A future Xperia smartphone may have a Sony-made processor inside

A new rumor suggests Sony is interested in making its own smartphone processors, potentially shifting away from Qualcomm and MediaTek. It has apparently already started the design process.