Best Mini PCs

Check out the best mini PCs, as rated by Digital Trends’ expert reviewers.

best mini pcsComputing power continues to increase every year. While some computers use that power to its fullest, others are willing to let power plateau and instead reduce their size. These small, compact desktop PCs are not as quick as their full-sized brethren, but they make up for that by taking up less space, a trait that’s valuable for those with busy desktops.

Many compact computers are affordable and can serve as the cornerstone of a home office setup or even be conscripted into the role of home theater computer. There are, however, a few pricier models designed for enthusiasts. They offer performance on par with traditional desktops while remaining slim. Below you’ll find the best compact computers on the market.

Our best mini PCs list is continually updated as we review new compact desktop computers that enter the market.

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Falcon Northwest Mach V

The Mach V is expensive, but it looks, feels, and performs like no other. Few competitors can match its performance and none can match its elegance.

  • Release price $7165
  • Form factor Tower
  • Color White
  • Pros: Solid, attractive case , Excellent performance in all benchmarks , Surprisingly quiet , Excellent…
  • Cons: Some RAM slots are difficult to access
Our Score 9.5
User Score 0


The Asus M70AD is a great choice for families who want a single desktop to fill everyone’s needs.

  • Features Blu-Ray Optical Drive, Card Reader
  • Type All-purpose
  • Weight 9.8 kg
  • Color Silver
  • Form Factor Tower
  • Pros: Compact and conveniently-placed front ports , Strong processor and graphics performance , Includes…
  • Cons: Could use more USB 3.0 ports , Limited upgradability
Our Score 9.5
User Score 0

Falcon Northwest Tiki

The Tiki is, in fact, one of the best boutique computers on the market today.

  • Processor Intel Core i7 3770K
  • Graphics NVIDIA EVGA GTX 680
  • Processor Speed 3.9GHz
  • Hard Drive 2TB
  • USB 3.0 4 Ports
  • Pros: Small and attractive , Good interior layout , Excellent gaming performance , Quiet operation…
  • Cons: Size restricts hardware upgrades
Our Score 9.5
User Score 9

Not exactly what you're looking for? Take a gander at all our compact PC reviews or our budget PC reviews for more affordable packages.

Falcon Northwest Tiki (2015)

From the overclocked CPU to the 980 Ti, the Falcon Northwest Tiki proves that everything’s faster in the northwest.

  • RAM 16 GB
  • RAM Type DDR4
  • RAM Speed 2400 MHz
  • Slots 2
  • Pros: Beautiful, sturdy case , Top of the line performance , Compact size , Competitive price , High-end…
  • Cons: Noisy at full load , Needs an external Wi-Fi antenna ,
Our Score 9
User Score 2

Syber Vapor I

CyberPowerPC’s Syber Vapor I is a solidly built and quick entry into the emerging console/PC hybrid market.

  • Release price $700
  • Form factor Compact
  • Weight 36 lbs
  • Color Black, White
  • Pros: Works as a viable console replacement out of the box , Solid connectivity , Performs well for its…
  • Cons: Initial cost might seem prohibitive to the console faithful , Still stumbles in the most demanding…
Our Score 9
User Score 8

Origin Millenium (Late 2014)

If you're looking for the most powerful PC available, you can stop searching. Meet the new Origin Millennium.

  • Release price $1500
  • Form factor Tower
  • Weight 80 lbs
  • Color Black
  • Pros: Highly customizable , Easy to upgrade or repair , Plenty of connectivity , Record breaking…
  • Cons: Large and very heavy , Extremely loud at full load
Our Score 9
User Score 0

Origin Millennium (2014)

The Millennium is an obvious choice for anyone who desires unparalleled performance.

  • Features BLu-ray optical drive, 1 TB of memory, Card reader
  • Release date 2014
  • Release price Custom
  • Type Gaming
  • Weight 80 lbs
  • Pros: Insanely quick , Spacious, modular case , Excellent connectivity , Hot-swap hard drive bay…
  • Cons: Large and heavy for a supposed “mid tower” , Exterior feels flimsy , Changing internal layout…
Our Score 9
User Score 0

Falcon Northwest Talon

Minor quibbles aside, the Talon is powerful, quiet, easy to upgrade, and provides everything a gamer could want in a mid-sized high-end desktop.

  • Features 1 TB of memory
  • Release date Not provided
  • Release price $899
  • Operating system Windows 8
  • Type Gaming
  • Pros: High build quality , Easy to upgrade , Excellent performance , Surprisingly quiet
  • Cons: Aesthetically dull , Could use a few more ports
Our Score 9
User Score 0

Dell XPS 27 Touch

With fresh components, a touch layer, and a much-improved stand, Dell’s XPS 27 is the best Windows-based AiO we’ve seen. With a starting price less than Apple’s competing offering, it may gain some iMac converts.

  • Features Touchscreen, Built-in Webcam, Blu-ray optical drive, 1 TB of memory, Card Reader
  • Release Date 6/4/2013
  • Release Price $1599
  • Type All-purpose
  • Weight 35.3 lbs
  • Pros: Excellent Design , Great 2,560 x 1,440 display , Very good audio output , Good performance for an…
  • Cons: Plastic backside feels a bit flimsy for a premium machine , Graphics aren’t powerful enough to…
Our Score 9
User Score 10

Acer AT3-600-UR11

Every component and port seems designed with a purposeful, conscious respect for utility.

  • Features 1 TB of Memory, Card Reader
  • Release Date 3/28/2013
  • Release Price $599.99
  • Type Media
  • Color Black
  • Pros: Attractive, functional enclosure , Some upgradability , Well-rounded performance , Quiet and…
  • Cons: Terrible bundled peripherals , Too much bloatware
Our Score 9
User Score 8