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Here’s how to fix 18 common problems with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft took a big leap with Windows 10, and nowhere is it seen more than in the new browser, Microsoft Edge, designed to completely replaced Internet Explorer (yay!) and confront users with an all-new UI (not yay).

While Edge has been largely welcomed by Windows users, it is also a young browser, which means that there are bugs to work out, unfamiliar controls to learn, and problems to troubleshoot. If you are feeling frustrated with the Edge browser or have run into a serious problem, take a look at these common issues, and the solutions that can help you get back on track.

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Problem: Edge runs slowly and has trouble loading

Potential Solutions

  • Try clicking “. . .” for more options, and choosing a new InPrivate browsing window. If this solves your problem, there could be trackers or other issues with a normal page.
  • Try clearing out Edge data out by clicking on “. . .” and choosing Settings. Then click “choose what to clear” under Clear browser data. Delete your browsing history and cached files. Restart Edge and see if it works successfully.
  • You can look for these errors with something called the System File Checker. On your keyboard, bring up your options by pressing the Windows key + X. From the list that appears, choose Command Prompt(Admin). In the Prompt box, type “SFC / scannow” (no quotation marks) and hit enter. This will scan for any system file errors that may be causing you trouble and try to fix them. If it finds an error that can’t be fixed, look it up to see how to proceed.
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