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College Humor among first 3-D video offerings on Nintendo 3DS

Late last week, Nintendo Video service officially launched on the Nintendo 3DS, allowing users to start downloading and watching exclusive videos on the handheld gaming device. Now, just a few days later, the first crop of 3-D video has become available through the service, and it includes some choice segments from one of the Internet’s most popular comedy sites.

The animated short “Dinosaur Office” from CollegeHumor.com was one of several 3-D videos that became available recently, which also saw the arrival of more 2-D video via the Nintendo Video service and the recently launched Netflix on 3DS.

According to CNN, College Humor has created four more animated, 3-D shorts exclusively for the 3DS, and plans to make a regular series out of at least one of them. Nintendo also indicated that 3-D videos from rock groups OK Go and Foster the People are also expected to arrive on the 3DS soon.

We reported on the arrival of Netflix on the 3DS just a few weeks ago, a move that offers yet another way to use the streaming video service. Nintendo and Netflix promised to make a library of 3-D video available via Netflix in the future, too.

While sales of the Nintendo’s 3-D gaming device haven’t exactly met with the company’s expectations, the company appears to be betting that development of more games and other services that take advantage of the system’s unique capabilities will pay off in the long run.