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Manhunt 2 Wins UK Respite

Manhunt 2 Wins UK RespiteManhunt 2, the video game which was famously rejected for certification by the British Board of Film Censors(BBFC) – a move that effectively meant it couldn’t be sold in Britain – might yet up on UK shelves.   The game’s developers, Rockstar Games, have won an appeal over the BBFC decision at the Video Appeals Committee.   According to the BBC, the BBFC is “considering thedecision.” If it takes no further action, the game could well end up on sale.   Rockstar issued a statement saying,   "We are committed to making great interactive entertainment,while also marketing our products responsibly and supporting an effective rating system. We are pleased that the decision of the VAC has recognized that Manhunt 2 is well within the boundsestablished by other 18+ rated entertainment."   The game was rejected for certification twice by the BBFC because of its violence, although not without due consideration – the Boardstated that members played the game for around 30 hours before reaching their decision.   For now, the future of Manhunt 2 remains up in the air, but doubtless many gamers are keeping theirfingers crossed for the future.