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Rayman creator’s next game is the PS4 exclusive, Wild

Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil designer Michel Ancel revealed the first project from his new studio, Wild Sheep, at Sony’ s Gamescom 2014 press briefing. It’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive called Wild. 

The trailer — which, it should be mentioned, appears to be more of a proof of concept than a look at gameplay — shows a lush, open world, inhabited by all manner of beasts, primitive hunter-gatherers, living skeletons, and giants. Wild is an online survival adventure game set 10,000 years ago, a time when nature and humanity were one.

Little else is known about the gameplay except for the intriguing tidbit Ancel gave in his introduction: Players will be able to take on the role of not just humans, but any animal in the world. Check out the trailer below.

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