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Go big and go home with one of these huge 4K TVs for Super Bowl LI

In the past, the days and weeks leading up to the Super Bowl season were a great time to get a prior-year TV for a steal, but this year is a little different: Stock on the good TVs is dwindling fast, so finding a quality TV on the cheap is a little more challenging than ever before. Still, if you know what to look for — and lucky for you, we do — there are still some lingering deals that will satisfy that urge to have a shiny new big screen to watch the big game on.

If you act fast, you can nab any of these solid TVs before Superbowl LI streams into your living room:

Samsung KU7000 ($900-1300)

The Samsung KU7000 is as close to a slam dunk as you’re going to get this year. It’s not a picture of perfection, but it’s got 4K resolution, solid HDR, excellent color, all built into a nearly bezel-free, ultra-thin package. Want to make your friends a little jealous? Get the 65-inch for $1300, or save a little and get the 55-inch for just $900.

Screen size 55-65″ in
Resolution 4K Ultra HD
Display technology LED
Backlighting Edge-lit
Refresh rate 120 Hz
Available at

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