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Designer Yuya Ushida creates collapsable couch made of chopsticks

Sofa_XXX is a project created by German-based designer Yuya Ushida, who turned 8,000 chopsticks into a functional sofa that also impressively collapses into a smaller chair, or rather a chair that expands into a sofa. Take your pick. The recent college graduate cut and sanded the 8,000 chopsticks into different sizes to form x-shaped joints. Those joints combined with metal rings and a complex 3-D space plan to form the flexible structure of the chair and the accordion-like expansion from chair to sofa.

While not in any sort of production, Ushida says that the sofa can hold up to three people if they are each under 155 pounds, which is pretty impressive for chopsticks. Head to Ushida’s site to see the whole creative process and more photos of the sofa unfolding.