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AT&T doubles the data allowance on 15GB+ Mobile Share Value plans (but there’s a catch)

AT&T will double the monthly data allowance on its Mobile Share Value plan for any customer that has between 15 and 50GB of data. The deal is open to current and new customers, but a subscription to AT&T’s Next upgrade program is required.

The promotion lasts from September 28 to October 31 and AT&T says that customers who sign up during that segment of time will be able to keep the “new promotional shared data amount as long as you want – there’s no expiration.”

Essentially, the offer states that customers who have 15GB of data on their Mobile Share value plans will get a boost to 30GB of shared data, while those who have 50GB will now have 100GB, and so on. The double your data promotion cuts off at 50GB plans, though, so don’t expect to get 200GB for the price of 100.

Customers will also receive unlimited talk and text, as well as unlimited international messaging to a handful of countries.

The price breakdown for the Mobile Share Value plans with the promotion and AT&T Next is listed below. The “Cost” column indicates only the cost of the data, and will need the cost of $15 per line added to the total.

Cost per line Data  Cost
$15 per line includes unlimited talk and text   15GB  30GB  $130
 20GB  40GB  $150
 30GB  60GB  $225
40GB  80GB  $300
 50GB  100GB  $375

The other caveat of the deal is that customers have to join AT&T’s Next program, which eliminates the two-year contract and with it, the smartphone subsidy. As such, users will have to pay the full price of any smartphone in monthly installments over a set period of time.