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Believe in your brackets! These 11 apps will help you win March Madness

All season leads up to this: The NCAA Tournament, better known as March Madness. Sixty eight teams have been playing for the past five months to get to this tournament – to have a chance at glory. It’s the same opportunity you have thanks to office pools, and you don’t even have to play the games.

March Madness is always full of great games, interesting match ups, and tons of drama. Even if you don’t really care about basketball, it’s hard to turn away from these games – probably because you have money on them. Don’t miss a moment of the tournament, catch it all with the help of these mobile apps.

Updated on 3-20-2014 by AJ Dellinger: We’ve added CBS Sports, TuneIn Pro, and FanCake apps to the list this year. Good luck, guys!

March Madness Live (iOS, Android, Kindle)

NCAA March Madness LiveThe official app of the tournament, March Madness Live is an absolute must have. It allows you to stream every game on your phone or tablet. It’s the ultimate second-screen tool, with live updates of information from every game of the tournament. It even gives you a literal second screen to watch the games on. If you do happen to miss the end of a particularly good game for whatever reason, you can back track, and check out the highlights so you won’t miss those water cooler moments that these games generate. 

CBS Sports (iOS, Android, Kindle)

CBS SportsCBS will broadcast a large share of the NCAA Tournament games in 2015, and will handle the title game, so why not grab the company’s official app? CBS Sports allows you to watch live video of the tournament games, tune in to the radio broadcasts on CBS Radio stations, and view the daily schedule, so you can see what games will be on the docket. You can also check out coverage from other sports with the app but let’s be honest, there’s not a whole lot of other interesting sporting events happening right now unless you’re into golf.

Thuuz (iOS, Android, Kindle)

Thuuz SportsThe fun of watching games during March Madness is you never know when there will be an upset or a crazy ending. Those games can happen at any time and often occur when you least expect it. Thuuz is the app you want to have, so you can make sure you’re not missing out on any of those matches. Using an algorithm that scores games on watchability, Thuuz will give you a heads up when a game gets interesting. It makes sure that if there’s a game worth watching, you find out about it as it’s happening.

TuneIn Pro (iOS, Android, Kindle)

TuneIn Radio ProBeing able to watch all of the games from anywhere is great, but sometimes it’s just not a viable option. There are, unfortunately, bosses who run workplaces where they expect things to be done, who would be upset to see people gathered around a tablet, watching the last minutes of a potential upset. As tragic as that is, you can still get your fix and catch all of the action with TuneIn Pro. Check out the radio broadcasts of the games, and listen to some of the best play-by-play announcers talk you through the action, even though you can’t watch it happen.

ESPN Tournament Challenge (iOS, Android, Kindle)

ESPN Tournament ChallengeDuring the NCAA Tournament, there are a lot of powerhouse schools playing, with stars on their roster who will go on to successful careers in professional basketball. There are also tons of teams you’ve never heard of, from schools you didn’t know existed, with players who will end up being accountants. ESPN Tournament Challenge will let you know about every one of those teams and players, providing stats, information, and highlights for every school in the field.

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