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FreedomPop announces global expansion of free talk, text, and data service

FreedomPop turned the mobile world on its head when it introduced its freemium service. Now, the freemium wireless carrier is going global with its free talk, text, and data service. FreedomPop’s first new partner is Dutch carrier, KPN, but the company soon hopes to expand to the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and several countries in the Pacific Rim.

FreedomPop’s Co-Founder and COO Steven Sesar told Digital Trends that FreedomPop will use the Netherlands as a test case to see how well its service works outside the United States. Once it’s worked out the kinks, FreedomPop will expand its reach throughout all of Europe and into Asia, too. The revolutionary service aims to bring free and low-cost mobile phone service to everyone around the world.

FreedomPop’s free service is an incredible deal for those who don’t use their smartphones too much.

“Our success triggered interest among international carriers,” Sesar told us, adding that FreedomPop’s service is very competitive and can absolutely work in a “global context.”

“That’s why we’re taking our free service across the globe,” Sesar said. “We want to disrupt current pricing. We’ve already proved that the freemium model can work for everyone.”

FreedomPop aims to expand into eight new markets in the next few years. It won’t sell smartphones in other countries, but it will still offer the same great freemium plans that it has in the United States. Americans who use the service will also be able to take advantage of the network in FreedomPop’s new markets whenever they travel.

FreedomPop’s free service is an incredible deal for those who don’t use their smartphones too much, but simply want to text, check email, and make a phone call here and there. Users get 200 minutes of voice calls, 500 texts, and 500MB of data each month for free.

Of course, these limits won’t work for the average mobile user, but even so, FreedomPop’s pricing is hard to beat. Once you’ve exceeded your limit, you just have to subscribe to one of FreedomPop’s low-cost plans. The company’s Unlimited Everything plan offers unlimited texts, calls, and data for just $20 a month. However, after you’ve used 1GB of high-speed 4G LTE in a month, your data will scale back to 3G speeds. Even so, FreedomPop will cost you a whole lot less than most carriers, including T-Mobile, which prides itself on its low pricing and fair deals.

It’s unclear exactly what the exact pricing will be like in Europe and Asia, but the service should still cost the same low price for all users. It will be interesting to see just how far FreedomPop goes with its global expansion plans.