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20 annoying iPhone SE problems and how to fix them

iphone se problems
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The iPhone SE puts the power of an iPhone 6S into a smaller, more compact body similar to that of an iPhone 5. Despite this merger of older design and newer hardware, the iPhone SE is a competent smartphone, and a great entry point for those new, or returning, to the iOS operating system. That said, not everyone is having a smooth experience with the device following its launch. Here are some common problems iPhone SE users have reported having, and the various workarounds and fixes for them.

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Issue: Won’t connect to iTunes

Some new iPhone SE owners have reported being unable to connect to iTunes with the smartphone, or that iTunes doesn’t recognize it. Users are getting the message, “The iPhone cannot be used because it requires a newer version of iTunes. Go to www.itunes.com to download the latest version of iTunes.”

Potential solutions:

  • Make sure you’re using the latest version of iTunes: 12.5.4. Apple updated the software in March, adding sync support for the iPhone SE and iPad Pro. Windows users need to have Windows 7 or later to use the latest version of iTunes, while Mac users need to have OS X version 10.8.5 or later.
  • If the problem persists after updating iTunes, Apple has a helpful guide explaining what to do in the event that iTunes doesn’t recognize your iOS device.
  • If neither of the above options resolve the issue, you may have to reset your iPhone SE to its factory settings, meaning you’ll have to re-sync the device and all of your data. Make sure you back up everything on your iPhone first, then go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings and see if that helps.
  • Your final option is to contact Apple directly to see if they have any other solutions.
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