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Sony Ericsson Pacts with 10 Music Labels

Sony Ericsson Pacts with 10 Music Labels

Phone maker Sony Ericsson has announced that it has inked deals with 10 major music labels to offer their tunes using the company’s over-the-air music service, PlayNow. According to Sony Ericsson, the deals include arrangements with the big major labels Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, and EMI, along with smaller distributors like IODA, The Orchard, The PocketGroup, Hungama, X5 Music, VidZone, and Bonnier Amigo. With the new additions, PlayNow adds more than 5 million tracks to its catalog.

“We are delighted to announce deals with such high calibre record labels,” said SOny Ericsson executive VP Anders Runevad, in a statement. “Our commitment is to work with the industry to ensure we are building an experience-based and intuitive content delivery platform, enabling the development of an ecosystem that provides a unique experience for the consumer and a business model where everybody prospers.”

Sony Ericsson rolled out PlayNow way back in 2004 as a way to preview and purchase ringtones. Since then, the company has expanded PlayNow into a full over-the-air download service for games and music in 32 countries.

In addition, Sony Ericsson announced it is re-branding its M-Buzz service for new and emerging artists PlayNow Uncut, and noted the popularity of its TrackID service, which offers users a ay to identify and purchase tracks they hear (say) on the radio and purchase them for their phone and computer. Sony Ericsson will offer separate TrackID charts tracking what songs users are searching for, both globally and within their own regions.