Pictures: First look at the Lytro camera

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Lytro has announced its long-awaited digital camera. It’s nothing like we’ve ever seen before, inside and out. The Lytro packs its light-field technology into a thin, rectangular tube made of ultra-light anodized aluminum structural skin and a rubberized grip. Inside, you’ve got Lytro’s patent-pending light field sensor and light field engine, an 8x optical zoom lens, f2.0 aperture, and a system that capture 11 “megarays.”

Lytro will easily fit in your hand and weighs in at a measly 7.55-ounces—which means it also sports a relatively tiny back-lit LCD touchscreen display (1.46-inches).

It comes in red hot, electric blue, and graphite. Check out the new design above, it’s definitely unexpected. What are your thoughts on the revolutionary new camera?

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