AMD’s Polaris may be the graphics cards we need, but perhaps not the ones we want

AMD's next-generation Polaris graphics cards might not be as powerful as fans hope, but AMD believes that expanding the availability of powerful, midrange graphics cards is more important, helping everyone get on board with…

AMD’s new dual-GPU card is here, but it’s not built for gamers

AMD is finally ready to unleash the Radeon Pro Duo to VR developers, with a lofty $1,500 price tag, and and a pair of Fiji GPUs at the wheel. Is this the card that puts AMD back on top?

AMD’s Wraith cooler brings its ice age to two more FX-series processors

Getting your hands on AMD's Wraith cooler is now easier than ever, as AMD has bundled it with both the FX 8350 and FX 6350, offering quiet cooling for new system builders who just have to work with AMD hardware.

Rumors say AMD has design wins in upcoming Macs, Sony’s upgraded PS4

New reports indicate that AMD has brokered deals to provide its Polaris GPUs to Apple for future laptops and desktops, and to Sony for the upcoming PlayStation 4K.

AMD claims victory in the video RAM war with new 32GB FirePro card

AMD launched on Thursday a 32GB version of its FirePro W9100 professional graphics card for workstations. It joins the current 16GB version, offering the same performance and support for tools like DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.4, and OpenCL 2.0.

AMD's latest A-Series APUs slash power draw while upping compute performance

AMD has revealed that it will officially launch its "Bristol Ridge" A-Series APUs during Computex next month. This series will include an "FX" model that supports DirectX 12 and Ultra HD video playback.

Do you work virtually all the time? Dell's latest Precision desktops are for you

Dell's Precision Tower 5810, 7810, and 7910 workstations and its Rack 7910 will begin offering VR-ready configurations on April 5. This includes new Intel Broadwell EP processors and the latest professional GPUs from AMD and Nvidia.

AMD’s FirePro S9300 x2 is comparatively affordable at $6,000

AMD's FirePro S9300 x2 GPU may not be the most capable hardware on the market, severely lacking in the memory department, but its single-precision performance will leave you breathless.

Ubisoft says Watch Dogs 2 for PC will support DirectX 12

Ubiift said during the Game Developers Conference in March that the upcoming game Watch Dogs 2 will support DirectX 12. That means the game is definitely coming to Xbox One and Windows 10. What's unknown at this point is how DirectX 12 will…

AMD and Nvidia update drivers to give Rift owners the best experience possible

If you have everything lined up for when your virtual reality headset - Rift or Vive - arrives in the next week or so, then you'll want the latest drivers for your video card, too. AMD and Nvidia have released new drivers that improve VR…

AMD’s new Gaming Evolved can automatically edit your gameplay clips into a highlight reel

AMD is looking to give its Gaming Evolved software a new life with vastly improved game recording features that can automatically edit clips into a highlight reel.

AMD’s GDC 2016 press conference could convince the most diehard VR skeptics

At GDC this year, AMD brought the heat with its Radeon Pro Duo VR development platform and countless collaborations with big name publishers, assuring us that the graphics company is "all about gamers and VR."