HP plans to bring FreeSync to its affordable AMD laptops later this year

AMD has received a small boon from HP, with the announcement that all notebooks it produces sporting AMD hardware, will support FreeSync displays as well, starting later this year.

AMD's new processors won't blow your mind, but its quiet CPU coolers will bring you peace

AMD has debuted a trio of new processors as fans wait for the upcoming Zen and Polaris architectures. The company has also updated its motherboards with USB Type-C and M.2 support.

A former AMD and Apple engineer was hired by Tesla to work on its Autopilot system

Tesla hired a former AMD and Apple engineer to work on its Autopilot system. Jim Keller played a large role in the development of microprocessors that went into millions of electronic devices.

AMD’s Zen processors set for high-end hardware in late 2016

AMD CEO Lisa Su has outlined the roll-out schedule for the company's next generation processor architecture, with Zen chips set to be used in luxury desktops set for release in late 2016.

AMD attacks Intel over SYSMark benchmark, but do its own claims hold up? 4:33

AMD has gone on the offensive in a new video that claims SYSmark, a benchmark frequently cited by Intel, is biased. But the substitutions AMD itself argues for aren't neutral, either.

AMD will launch two Polaris chips in 2016

Along with its plans to bring higher performance and better power efficiency to its GPUs, AMD's next-generation Polaris architecture will be split into two distinct bands. One is aimed at console-grade light notebooks, but the other is…
CES 2016

AMD ends multi-socket madness with next-gen AM4 chipset

One chipset, one socket and as many chips as AMD can shake a stick at. That's what the next-generation Zen hardware is all about, simplifying the process of hitching to AMD's cart while bringing performance to new levels.

AMD confirms GlobalFoundries to produce entry-level Polaris GPUs

Although TSMC will still be involved at the high-end, AMD has confirmed that GlobalFoundries will handle the entry-level GPUs for the Polaris generation, as well as mobile focused APUs and CPUs from the Zen series.

AMD’s Polaris is much more efficient than current-gen Nvidia hardware

AMD's current GPU lineup suffers from poor efficiency, which makes the red team's cards hotter and more power-hungry at a given level of performance. Polaris hopes to fix that with a new architecture design and FinFET transistors.

AMD’s next graphics chip architecture could be called Polaris

Even if it won't be until next year when we learn specifications and potential performance, AMD's next-generation graphics architecture could well be called Polaris, with an emphasis on power efficiency.

AMD pushes back anticipated dual-GPU video card to coincide with VR launches

AMD has pushed back the launch of its Gemini dual GPU graphics card until Q2 2016, purportedly in order to align its launch more with the debut of commercial virtual reality hardware.

Rumor-mill says AMD will switch to Samsung for production of next-gen silicon

Long time AMD manufacturing partner TSMC may have been kicked to the curb, as AMD is said to be shifting its next-generation GPU and CPU production to Samsung. AMD will continue to utilize GlobalFoundries, as well.