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Augment your reality with the best Project Tango apps and games

Project Tango, Google's augmented reality platform for smartphones and tablets, is in its infancy. But there are already a number of great games and apps for the burgeoning hardware.
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Augmented reality could be the next big thing (like the smartphone), says Tim Cook

In an interview with The Independent during his visit to the U.K. this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook likened the emerging technology to the very established and ubiquitous technology of the smartphone.
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Hayo is a connected device that wants to make you the master of your domain

Who needs a universal remote when you can turn the universe into a remote instead? Together with its accompanying app, Hayo turns everyday objects, surfaces, and spaces into virtual remote controls for your smart home.

Milwaukee passes ordinance requiring permits for Pokémon Go-style games

Some government regulators are fed up with the throngs of crowds drawn by games like Pokémon Go, and they're doing something about it. A new Milwaukee ordinance will require game developers to obtain a permit.

Developer shows off ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ gameplay on Microsoft’s HoloLens

A Twitter user has demonstrated what Final Fantasy XIV looks like with support from Microsoft's HoloLens augmented reality headset, putting the menus and inventories in AR space around the screen.

‘Portal’ Hololens demo explores the wonders of virtual teleportation

Hololens developer Kenny W puts a mind-blowing spin on Microsoft's mixed reality technology with a reality-warping tech demo that incorporates gameplay mechanics from Valve's hit first-person puzzler Portal.

DigitalBridge lets you visualize paint, furniture, and more in your home

If seeing is believing, then DigitalBridge just might convert us all. A Manchester, England-based startup, this visualization tool allows customers to see what home-decoration products would look like in their rooms

Microsoft does have plans to release a Hololens headset for consumers

A few companies have worked on some Hololens projects, Microsoft's AR platform has mostly been experimental so far. Microsoft has plans for a viable consumer product with a much lower price, but it probably won't happen anytime soon.
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Microsoft explains why it's happy selling only 'thousands' of Hololens headsets

Microsoft has not sold hundreds of thousands of Hololens headsets, but that's OK, says the software giant. The firm is looking to lay the groundwork for a healthy augmented reality ecosystem, rather than make some quick cash.
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Nike Store in Paris lets customers test sneaker colors using augmented reality

French immersive technology company SmartPixels recently installed a video projection mapping machine in a Nike Store in Paris which allows customers to use augmented reality to preview custom shoe designs in real-time, using…

With, simply taking a photo unlocks a wealth of info about a home

Thanks to two new features now found in's Android app, you'll be able to leverage image recognition and augmented reality to make your homebuying experience the most immersive it's ever been.
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Forget lasers and cameras, Eonite has a VR add-on that tracks everything itself

Camera- and lighthouse-laser-free virtual reality is just a pipe dream for thousands of VR headset owners right now, but Eonite wants to make ti real. It has a working, positional tracking prototype that doesn't need external…