Augmented Reality

Apple working on AR? Why else hire a Microsoft Hololens engineer?

Microsoft might have its Hololens headset in the works, but Apple may have a competitor product. While it's all speculation at the moment, putting more wood on that fire is an ex-Hololens engineer, who's recently moved to Apple.


Android co-founder thinks augmented reality is the future of gaming, invests $15M in castAR

Andy Rubin's Playground Global is investing in a cool new gaming platform. Formerly a Kickstarter project, castAR brings holographic 3D-like objects to the real world through augmented reality.


Microsoft HoloLens will be in the hands of developers within a year

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been chatting to the BBC about the future direction of the company, and confirmed that businesses and enterprise customers will get HoloLens kit first.


Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney thinks augmented reality will trump virtual reality

While virtual reality is capturing the imaginations of gamers and developers the world over, augmented reality is the technology that Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney sees as the most forward-thinking.


Chop down mountains with the edge of your hand in this augmented-reality sandbox

Researchers from UC Davis and UCLA just unveiled an augmented reality sandbox that lets people modify and alter a topographical map with only their hands.

Cool Tech

To lure millennials, Residence Inn uses booze, food trucks, and augmented reality

Hotel company Residence Inn is experimenting with augmented reality at some of its properties. Using a mobile-based app developed by Blippar, guests can unlock fun interactive experiences. It's all part of a goal to appeal to tech-savvy millennials.


Microsoft offering free holoLens kits and grant money to spur university research

Dubbed the Academic Research Request for Proposals, Microsoft plans to present five educational institutions with $100,000 and two HoloLens kits each. Those who are interested must submit an application by September 5, 2015


HoloLens: Microsoft offers researchers $500K to take its AR gear to the next level

Microsoft is doling out the dough in a bid to grab the attention of researchers interested in developing applications for the HoloLens. The company hopes that grants worth $100K each will help HoloLens unlock "new ways to create, communicate, work, and play."


Grief is no game, but one developer used virtual reality to defeat it

Virtual reality has long been linked with video games, but what else might the tech be able to achieve? One man turned his own grief into a virtual mourning experience for the greater good.


Google-funded Magic Leap takes step toward awesome AR apps, announces SDK

AR outfit Magic Leap said Tuesday it hopes content creators involved in games, movies, and other sectors will step up to help take its holographic technology to the next stage. Google last year led a $542 million investment round in the startup.


Project Tango coming to smartphones thanks to Qualcomm

The innovative 3D mapping technology could power the augmented- and virtual-reality experiences of the future, and it's coming to a reference smartphone device before the end of the year.


Apple now owns a company that makes cool augmented reality software

Apple has reportedly acquired Metaio, a company that specialises in augmented reality and computer vision software. The news comes amid heightened interest in AR and VR, particularly following Google's announcements at Google I/O.


InAiR TV brings augmented reality-like experience to TV, and you’re the remote control

SeeSpace's new InAiR TV plug-in device is like Minority Report in your living room, grabbing content from the Internet to augment what you're watching on the big screen, which you can control through gestures.

Home Theater

Will Microsoft’s holographic headset allow you to read emotions?

Happy or sad? Confused or bored? Angry or surprised? Microsoft may give you the edge on reading people's emotions using the HoloLens headset according to details within a related patent.

Cool Tech

Your photos come to life thanks to new emotionsAR service

This new augmented reality service enables you to bring your still photos to life. Using the emotionsAR app you can trigger video, audio, and interactive buttons by scanning an image.