Augmented Reality

Niantic doesn’t take requests for new ‘Pokémon Go’ Gyms and PokéStops anymore

After just over a week of gathering user feedback, developer Niantic Labs is no longer taking requests for new Gym and PokéStop locations via its support site.

Pokémon Go decoded: Data miners dig into Niantic's hot new app

If you're the kind of player who likes to min-max your gaming experience and isn't quite so interested in the mystery and discovery involved, a data mining dump for the recently released augmented-reality title Pokémon Go is for you.
Virtual Reality

Google's standalone headset may feature augmented, virtual reality

Google is working on a mobile virtual reality headset for its upcoming Daydream VR platform that will reportedly blend augmented and virtual reality features, but it's unclear if this is the same headset Google is releasing this fall.

Starting over in ‘Pokémon Go’ is harder than catching a Vaporeon

Whether you want to delete your Pokémon Go account or start anew, it is a surprisingly secure, multi-step process that could take weeks to register. Want a fresh start with a bunch of Pokeballs? Want to switch teams? Or do you want to save…

Is Pokémon ruining reality or augmenting it? Who cares, just enjoy the chase

The world’s pundits are tearing their hair out trying to figure out whether Pokémon is good or bad, but to really understand it, you just need to fire up the app and go for a stroll.
Virtual Reality

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella believes Pokémon Go is good for HoloLens

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was recently interviewed by CNBC's "Squawk on the Street," and admitted that Nintendo's Pokémon Go game is good for HoloLens and the AR industry on a whole.

Catch ’em all! Pokémon Go is rolling out to Android and iOS right now

Surprise! Pokémon Go has begun rolling out to both Android and iOS in certain markets. While some can't access the game just yet, it should show up at some point in the very near future.
Cool Tech

Augmented-reality headsets could help helicopter rescue pilots fly in dense fog

“Databases containing obstacles and terrain data are used together with real-time data from sensors in order to substitute the lost visual cues in a degraded visual environment” project lead Franz Viertler told Digital Trends.
Social Media

Twitter taps former Apple designer to lead its charge into VR

Twitter has hired ex-Apple designer Alessandro Sabatelli as director of its newly created VR and AR team, which will operate within its machine learning department, Twitter Cortex, and create new experiences for its platform.

Google's Tango isn't a project anymore, but it still needs work

Tango ditched "project" from its official name at Lenovo's Tech World 2016. But our experience with the software suggests the move was premature. Lenovo's Tango phone, the Phab Pro 2, had some trouble with the demos.

The 5 coolest things at Augmented World Expo 2016

Augmented World Expo this year was home to a ton of cool new gadgets and technologies. Here are a few of the coolest we saw at the show, from augmented reality glasses to fitness tracking wearables.

Your Snapchat selfies could soon get the full-blown 3D treatment

Snapchat has quietly acquired augmented reality startup Seene, with plans to absorb its 3D imaging technology into its app, and related virtual reality projects. The move could spell the end for Seene's own 3D photography app.