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Pokémon invade reality in a demo for Microsoft’s HoloLens AR headset

The developers of the PokéLens demo for Microsoft's HoloLens AR headset provides the source files on GitHub for all to use. The demo currently enables HoloLens wearers to initiate a battle and summon their favorite Pokémon.
Virtual Reality

Magic Leap AR headset testers will capture 'environments and user behavior'

The Magic Leap augmented reality headset is one step closer to becoming a reality, as a recently unearthed job posting indicates that testers will soon begin capturing "environments and user behavior" in real-world settings.
Virtual Reality

Raptor AR Sunglasses bring heads-up display to cyclists and triathletes

One day, augmented reality will be used in other sports but for now, it seems like solo training and competition will come first. On Wednesday, Everysight announced its Raptor AR Smartglasses for cyclists and triathletes.
Virtual Reality

Hololens being adopted as visualization aid for spinal surgery

Microsoft's Hololens is being used to help fuse patients' vertebrae as part of complex spinal surgery in South America. Cheaper and far more portable than traditional visualizing tools, surgeons there hope it will catch on to help augment…

Take off a few strokes with PuttView's augmented reality putting solution

Have you ever spent all your time lining up your putting line, only to have the ball miss the hole? Thanks to a company based in Germany, that might be a thing of the past. What's the secret? Augmented reality.
Virtual Reality

Boeing looks to drones and augmented reality tech to fight wildfires

Fighting wildfires is a dangerous business, which is why Boeing wants to give us better tools to combat them with. Utilizing drones and augmented reality headsets, it's created a futuristic fire monitoring solution that works very…

Ashley Furniture implementing AR and VR to help customers experience living spaces

Ashley Furniture will begin using augmented and virtual reality in stores and online to enable customers to create interior layouts and experience living spaces. The furniture retailer will start rolling out in-store VR in 2017.

Samsung’s new augmented reality app urges surf safety at Australia’s beaches

Samsung has launched a new app in partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia that combines augmented reality and beach safety by using the phone's internals to help you identify rips, sandbanks, and more at Australia's beaches.
Virtual Reality

Microsoft shrinks bandwidth requirements for its Holoportation system

Microsoft has made its Holoportation augmented reality projection system much more portable. By dropping its bandwidth by 97 percent, we should be able to use it with future 5G networks, without the need for a dedicated…
Cool Tech

MekaMon robots battle in augmented reality so you don’t have to clean up carnage

MekaMon robots, the product of startup Reach Robotics, use a combination of augmented reality and articulated figures to bring robot battles to life. They start at $330 ($600 for a pack of two).
Virtual Reality

Windows Holographic Shell delivers low-end VR with modest system requirements

Microsoft's Windows Holographic Shell seems to be targeting middle-of-the-road computer builds, as recently unveiled system requirements reveal that many users will be able to experience its virtual reality interface without…
Virtual Reality

The $30 ZapBox has the chance to do for mixed reality what Google Cardboard did for VR

ZapBox is an affordable way to experience mixed reality and room-scale VR using your smartphone. How affordable? At $30, it is around a hundredth of the cost of Microsoft's HoloLens, and we've tried it out.